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NERIAH Rides Waves of Post-Breakup Grief in Upcoming EP, “No One Cries Forever”

Romance provides NERIAH plenty of writing fuel for her music. Her songs enable her to work through the jumble of emotions that often accompany a breakup. “I am such a relationship girl and have learned so much in all of mine,” she says. “I love writing about real experiences and lessons I have learned. Music has always been a therapeutic lane for me and sharing my thoughts through lyrics and melodies is my absolute favorite thing.” If you have the audacity to shatter her world, you will definitely be hearing about it. She’s probably written a song about you. “I think heartbreak is such a great source of inspiration for music because it’s something that so many of us can relate to. When I’ve gone through heartbreak, I’ve found that music can be a really powerful way to process my feelings and actually figure out what is going on.” 

Our feelings can frequently obfuscate the truth of a situation. Only the benefit of time and hindsight can reveal our worth. NERIAH latest single captures this anguish. ““Falling 4 Somebody” is a deeply personal song for me because it’s all about falling for someone who turned out to be someone they’re not. It’s about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t good enough for you, but not realizing it until later. Sometimes, it can be really hard to see just how bad a relationship is when you’re in the middle of it, and even harder to make the decision to leave. I wrote this song to express those feelings and share my own experience with others who might be going through something similar.” The actual act of distancing yourself from someone that you used to see as your person even when it hurts is obviously easier said than done. NERIAH understands that letting go of someone toxic can be rough. “I think the best advice is to keep reminding yourself why it didn’t work. If you’re supposed to be with someone, I want to believe that it’s supposed to be easy and happy. Eventually, even though it can take a long time, everyone moves on.”

As we unburden ourselves from those who hold us back, we are reborn anew. Pain always has an end, despite what our minds may tell us. NERIAH upcoming EP, No One Cries Forever, represents the arduous path back to wholeness in the midst of pining. “I wanted to put out a fun little project before we start going into the rollout of my album,” she explains. “Each song is from a different producer and really showcases all my different styles of songwriting. The whole EP is perfect for everyone that feels like they will never move on from their ex.” The tracks symbolize an emotional bloodletting of past trauma “and I think all current trauma as well. Sometimes the hardest thing is trying to forget someone you are used to loving for so long.” Penning those songs, NERIAH found clarity and peace. Angst has paved the way for a healthier romance that will nurture her heart rather than stomp on it. “For once in my life, I am actually the happiest I have ever been. I learned a lot in my last relationship and have made a promise to myself that the next person I let love me will be worth it and will treat me the way I deserve to be treated.” The EP is a love letter to the self and a commemoration of who she thought she’d never be strong enough to become. “It definitely shows the journey I took to move on from my ex. As a person, I grew a lot writing it and the whole process of the songs allowed me to forget the person I always thought I would remember.” Even the sharpest of memories eventually lose their teeth. No One Cries Forever drops March 17th. 

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NERIAH Rides Waves of Post-Breakup Grief in Upcoming EP, “No One Cries Forever.” Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen.

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