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Megan Davies Discusses Her ‘Bad Poetry’ EP

Over the years, Megan Davies has learned to not care about what other people think. Now, the folk-inspired singer/songwriter has evolved from singing cover songs on YouTube to sharing her own original music with the world through her Bad Poetry EP, out now. From the inspiration behind her new EP to how YouTube launched her career, Davies tells all.


Cliché: What made you get into music?
Megan Davies: For me, it started with an obsession with the guitar when I was 11 or 12. I really couldn’t get enough of it. I listened to music constantly and tried to figure out how to play what I was hearing. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve always felt very connected to that instrument.

How has YouTube helped advance your music career to the where it is today?
YouTube has totally changed my life and my career. When I started my channel, I was working a 9 to 5 job number-crunching in the music industry. YouTube allowed me to build an audience for my creative work. It was never an overnight thing—in fact, it took about 2 years to be able to quit my job—but it happened and I’m so grateful every single day.

How would you define your sound?
I play a lot of acoustic guitar and my songs are written on the acoustic guitar, so there’s definitely a folkier vibe at times. However, I always describe it as raw and passionate, and lately a lot more pop than acoustic.

That’s my favorite part about music—how it can connect people in different places.

Your EP, Bad Poetry, was recently released. Can you tell us a little about it?
The Bad Poetry title was taken from one of the songs on the project. It’s about learning to not care about what people think. As an artist starting from an online platform, it’s something that I’ve struggled with in the past. Bad Poetry is acknowledging “who cares if all this is bad poetry?” As long as it’s true to me, that’s what really matters. Since I’m known mostly for my covers, it felt refreshing to put my own songs and words out there. It was scary, but also important.

Do you have a favorite song on the EP?
My single “Black and White” is my favorite to play live. It’s about being in your mid-20s and still not knowing exactly who you are, but becoming more comfortable with that. It sings like a conversation and it feels very natural and honest on stage.

What do you hope listeners will feel when they listen to the EP?
I hope people get to know me and my songs and can relate them to their own lives. That’s my favorite part about music—how it can connect people in different places. I love touring for that reason because I get to meet all these wonderful people who get what I’m saying.

Do you have anything in the works that fans anticipate in the coming months?
I just toured with Boyce Avenue this fall. It was a blast, but I’m excited to announce I’ll be headed back out for a headlining US club tour this January!

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Megan Davies Discusses Her ‘Bad Poetry’ EP: Photographed by Fumie Hoppe

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