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Maisy Kay Frolics in the Saturation of Romance in “Technicolor Honeymoon”

Maisy Kay Frolics in the Saturation of Romance in “Technicolor Honeymoon”

Maisy Kay is in her halcyon phase as an artist. Her life is textured by innumerable delights. “It is by far the most romantic and joyous. It’s also probably the most authentic and open I’ve been as a writer,” she smiles. This creative period was further enriched by her recent experience touring with JVKE. Meeting her biggest supporters touched her heart. “It truly changed my life. I had no idea what to expect, and it blew me away. It was incredible to perform nationwide and meet such amazing fans in person for the first time!” The tour provided a chance to meditate on her process. “It gave me a much-needed perspective and it added a new layer to how I would write. I would think about how things would sound or feel in life. As such, I think I’ve improved as a writer since.”

Those skills were developed just in time for her latest single, “Technicolor Honeymoon.” The inspiration was instantaneous. “‘Technicolor Honeymoon’ had a name before it was a song. I had this imagery in my head without really knowing how the song would sound. It was about this incredible romance I’d found myself swept into, and I just wanted to try to put that honeymoon feeling into a record where everything is wondrous and exciting!” Connection enhances humanity in all its forms. “Love is colorful, loud, and unashamed! I think that having love in your life in whatever form it comes in, be it partner, friends, or family, is what brings color to your life. The happier you are, the more vibrant everything seems.” Etching all her most precious memories into songs can be intimidating, but vulnerability leads to the biggest breakthroughs. “Writing songs that were so close to home was a bit nerve-wracking at first. What got me over it was realizing how proud I was of putting feelings like that into words and how beautiful I felt the results were. No matter what the future holds, I’d always have these songs to showcase that at one point in time. I felt this fantastic thing. It’s like a photo album in a way, it’s very exciting.”

Maisy’s new EP, Wonderlust: The Dawn, is emblematic of such boldness. “It’s definitely the most authentic I’ve ever been. It’s a collection of love songs, and that’s something I never thought I’d create! We lean more into the whimsical, dreamy pop sound sonically, and the lyrics are authentic and close to home.” She has finally unapologetically arrived in the industry. “It’s a culmination of so many years of working, learning, and growing. For a very long time, I felt unsure of what I wanted my sound to be, and I couldn’t quite figure it out. This project made me feel confident in my sound and musical identity.” Everyone is invited to partake in the festivities of affection. “I’d like the takeaway to be that love can be very beautiful and healing, and it’s okay to embrace it.” Check out more about Maisy HERE

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Maisy Kay Frolics in the Saturation of Romance in “Technicolor Honeymoon.” Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez.

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