Lyric Christian Creates Authentic and Empowering Music for a Must-Listen

Lyric Christian is an upcoming singer, songwriter, and model artist from New York, New York, originally from Atlanta, working closely with Robert PM to craft her art in music. Robert PM is a well-known Producer, singer, songwriter, and musician who has remixed artists like Beyonce and continued pushing sonic boundaries within electronic music. Lyric moved to New York City to attend New York University Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Her love for music stems from life experiences and translating through the music notes, allowing her to participate in one of Warner Chappell’s music publishing songwriting camps.  

Lyric writes songs for those that can relate based on experiences she has gone through that expresses her passion for music for those to interpret the way she did when she was in the situation. She writes about love, heartbreaks, and being confident about herself, which led her to be a singer as a young performer from a professionally trained pianist and vocalist.  Because of this, she wants to bridge the gap between Black female songwriters and the pop charts. Her love for music rose since her childhood when her mother would sing to her as when they were in the household to artists like Luther Vandross.

One vivid memory was when she was in the car with her mom and grandmother, and Ella Fitzgerald was playing on the radio. She started to sing her scatting, which was her first time singing at two years old.

Music is Lyric passion, and she’s integrated everything she has to make sure she overcomes her hurdles in the music industry; however, if music weren’t an option, she would’ve gone into medical school after graduating from NYU and becoming a doctor. As a child, she had a love for science. She obtained honor classes in biology because she was fascinated by science and loved to learn. Her father, who immigrated from Antigua, would’ve loved her to become a doctor, although both her parents are proud of her. She thanks her father and mother for her success because she learned her worth and ethics through  them. 

Through her songwriter journey, her writing inspiration expands to Bebe Rexha, Julia Michaels, Ryan Tedder, and Priscilla Renae, Along with Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Nina Simone as vocalists. She has performed in shows located in Atlanta at Variety Playhouse and 7 Stages while also making her debut in Arlene’s Grocery, Joe’s Pub, Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Delancey and SOBs in New York City. 

Her musician role model is Megan Thee Stallion because she embodies self-love, sexiness, and confidence. Because of her ability to storytelling with music, Julia Michaels inspires her to connect with her writing, and lastly, Toni Braxton because of her unique vocal tone.  Although she’s making space for her electronic music, she would always make her mark as a songwriter first. She has written for different genres and doesn’t limit herself to genres, she’s done country to R&B when she was in Amsterdam and wrote dance/electronic music. She would love to collaborate with Rihanna, Jill Scott, Toni Braxton, Julia Michales, Leikeli47, Kiana Lede, J. Cole, Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, and Bebe Rexha, to name a few.

Throughout the pandemic, her music transitioned and shifted because she had gone through a messy and painful breakup and wouldn’t allow expressing her feelings in hard times. She deferred to the meaningless conversation and connections with men on dating apps to numb her feelings. Her music transferred the expression when she was prepared to express her feelings. She allowed to feel her feelings to be angry, sad, and every other feeling towards the breakup, which allowed her to connect to her audience. Her music shifted from breakup and sad to bad b*tch and self-love. The definition of self-love to Lyric is, “Self-love is unapologetically owning and loving every part of who you are and not caring what anybody else says or thinks about you.”

Lyric states the message she wants her listeners to receive is to embrace who they are and stand in their own power. That’s what I want my listeners to take away from my music. Confidence comes from within–it doesn’t come from anyone else. And once you feel that inner confidence and know your self worth, others will sense it and fall in line.

Her journey to self-love has been a journey she had to learn to discover on her own because of being bullied and ridiculed throughout her school years. It was hard for her, but with the help of therapy, she’s been able to see the beauty within herself. She wants her music to embody self-love to the point they see the beauty within themselves and know they are that girl even when they are days, they wake up not feeling like that person, but they bounce back and do not allow any circumstances to define their beauty.

Lyric Christian enjoys working with Robert PM because he enhances her creativity and encourages and pushes her to think outside the box when they are working. The results of the song “Hands Off(My Crown)” happened because he said, “we need a Lyric x Robert PM track.” They got into the studio last summer, and he allowed them to create a space for her to express how she felt and turned it into a song. They’ve been working together for close to three years now. 

Lyric spends her time crafting her passion for showcasing to her audience, and when she isn’t, she works on the Artist Relations and Global MAC PRO team at MAC Cosmetics and is also a model. Her first signed contract happened when she first came to New York City for school at 18 years old for her NYFW walk, and she continues to model projects. She recently walked in New York Bridal Fashion Week and has done digital content for MAC.

For those following in her footsteps, she advises keeping going even with an industry that says no often. However, that can’t be your barrier. While getting your nos, you must believe in yourself and the talent you showcase to the world, continue to show up, and be persistent as a squeaky wheel. Because she put herself out there, she ended up at her first writing camp with Warner Chapell at 19 years old.

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Lyric Christian Creates Authentic and Empowering Music for a Must-Listen.  Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lyric Christian.

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