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Lila Yin and J.Ar.J Explore the Complicated Feelings of a Situationship in New Single, “Oxytocin”

Singer Lila Yin and music producer J.Ar.J met by chance at a workshop – and the rest is history! The two have collaborated to produce their latest single, “Oxytocin,” which deals with the realization that situationships aren’t always what you want or need from a relationship. In spite of the initial pain, they want to underscore that it’s important to love yourself enough to separate from the emotional roller coaster. Check out the video for “Oxytocin” below!


Cliché: How did each of you discover your own unique sound?

Lila Yin: There are definitely certain sonic elements that I seem to gravitate towards (e.g. warm pads/synths, vocal swells, layered harmonies) but I’m not sure I’m at a place where I can truly sum up what my sound is. It’s a work in progress!

J.Ar.J: When it comes to a unique sound, for me, it just develops overtime from constantly creating different ideas regardless of genres and finding sounds you like and processing sounds in a way that you personally find pleasing. Also definitely music you listen to growing up does influence what directions you take when creating melodies and chord progressions. But as Lila says I think a unique sound is always a work in progress, as we as people are always a work in progress.

What was the moment when you realized you’d be amazing collaborators?

Lila Yin: We both attended a masterclass run by SG Lewis as part of Nando’s Yard last summer. We walked back to the station together afterwards, showing each other our work the whole time and that was it! Jordon is honestly one of the most hardworking and chillest people I know. He has a great ability to make you feel comfortable during a session, especially when I was less sure of myself & my creative ideas. 

J.Ar.J: For me, I’ve worked with a lot of artists and can usually tell from conversations about how well I will get on with them. I had a good feeling about Lila from the beginning as we had really good conversations about music and what her inspirations are and I felt we definitely are very similar when it comes to music. Like musically I consider her able to read my mind, literally always thinking to do what I’m about to say or suggest. Every session we’ve had has always been really inspiring and just fun!

What was the inspiration for your new single, “Oxytocin?” 

Lila Yin: A situationship that ended badly. Sometimes we accommodate for the other person because the chemistry between you both is so strong and then neglect our own needs in the process! And they let you – because it works out for them. 

J.Ar.J, how did it feel to be able to bring “Oxytocin” to life?
It was really fun! Lila and I both produced the initial track at our session in the Nando’s studio. And literally everything just worked don’t think we actually changed much from the first version we did that day. We just added parts to help create that spacey vibe the song has. Also I feel that this song is maybe the first track that I could say is my sound in terms of production. Usually I’m either developing a sound for a new artist or slightly evolving a more experienced artist’s style so usually there’s elements that I would leave out as it wouldn’t give the right feeling for a particular song.
Sometimes we can convince ourselves to stay with someone longer than we should because of chemistry or physical connection. How do you separate yourself from that high to realize you aren’t getting what you deserve out of a relationship?

Lila Yin: Knowing what you want from a relationship and having the self love to really own those wants. Self love is at the heart of it though, because it gives you the strength to remove yourself from situations that aren’t good for you, no matter how painful it seems.

In each of your personal lives, what have past experiences taught you in terms of recognizing your self-worth and pursuing healthier relationships?

Lila Yin: Your relationship with yourself is so important. Emotions can be fluid, people can grow in different directions and not everyone has your best interests at heart. A lot of the time people don’t even know what they want or how to communicate it! But as long as you do, you’re good. Life’s too short to waste time.

J.Ar.J: Number one rule for me is that your partner should be a cherry on top of the dessert that is your life, meaning they’re not the source of your happiness, you are responsible for your own happiness and they are an addition that helps make everything that bit sweeter. 

What’s next up for both of you? Can we look forward to more collabs in the future?

Lila Yin: I’ve just started an Electronic Music Masters so I’ll be focusing on that for now, but there will definitely be more collabs in future! Jordon & I always have something on the backburner.

J.Ar.J: We’ve made many ideas and definitely will be doing more work together in the future. I also have a lot of new music coming out from various other artists for the rest of the year. You can follow my Spotify account where I have a playlist with all my latest productions.

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Lila Yin and J.Ar.J Explore the Complicated Feelings of a Situationship in New Single, “Oxytocin.”
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