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Kaylee Lauren Shows Others They’re Not Alone with New Single, “Make Believe”

Kaylee Lauren Shows Others They’re Not Alone with New Single, “Make Believe”

Pop singer Kaylee Lauren has a wealth of influences from multiple eras. “I get inspired by many different genres and artists. One of my favorite genres I’m obsessed with is 60s and 70s music. I have a playlist called ‘oldies’ with over 160 songs that I listen to. I’m actually working on a song right now that perfectly encapsulates the old sounds with inspirations from Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Ricky Nelson. Some newer artists that I’ve been listening to quite frequently are Gracie Abrams, Taylor Swift, and Madison Beer. I try to listen to different styles I’m inspired by from each artist that I listen to, while perfecting my own sound.” Her aesthetic reflects that eclectic energy. “I would say my genre is filled with dark pop influences, pop, indie, and carefully crafted ballads. My music offers listeners a place to feel understood through the honest lyrics and passionate vocals with powerful instrumentals that perfectly captures the song’s message.” 

Authenticity gives her songs a sense of empathy. Being fearless and true to oneself are essential elements to being a successful songstress. “Anytime I write a song, I learn so much about myself because I only write lyrics that I truly feel to my core. I have to be honest with myself when confronting such sensitive emotions to express a vulnerability that could sometimes be daunting through songwriting. When I’m sitting in the studio figuring out a melody or a production for a song, I learn so much about my creativity and willingness to try new things. Sometimes my producers want to try something different than what I have in mind, and I have learned to be open to letting go of control. A lot of times it works out in my favor.” We can often find the deepest strength at our most melancholy. Kaylee’s songs are a testament to perseverance through difficult times. “I believe my songs have definitely taken the sad, tear provoking, emotional route. I absolutely love heartbreaking songs. While these aren’t necessarily happy hype music, I still believe my songs can be empowering. My songs allow listeners to feel seen and a lot of emotions I convey in my music are feelings that make people feel isolated from society. As my music continues to reach millions of people around the world, that sense of isolation lessens as listeners realize their feelings are felt so deeply amongst so many people. This to me feels empowering that people feel less alone and can connect to strangers around the world through my music.”

Her latest music reveals a raw and painful part of her past. Kaylee wants to make sure that everyone knows that even at their lowest, she is there for them and knows what they are going through. “I believe my new song ‘Make Believe’ is my most vulnerable and honest song yet. The emotions conveyed in the song have been felt for years and years, ever since I was a kid and to finally put it in a song, I feel such an immense sense of relief. There were moments in my childhood that made me feel misunderstood and invisible in front of my family, and I still feel those emotions in situations even now. I think this song provides a sense of comfort to anyone who has felt like no one is listening at their darkest moments in life. For me, this song has brought out every deep, emotional, and confusing feeling I’ve experienced when feeling ‘Make Believe’ in this world.” Her music is intended to be a port in the storm and a haven for those who feel ignored and forgotten. “I hope that the listeners feel understood, validated, and seen. I think the most important reason why I continue to share my vulnerable music with the world is because I want other people to feel safe and heard through my music. There’s been many times where I didn’t feel understood by those closest to me and I looked for validation through music and lyrics that I could relate to. I hope my music allows my listeners to feel a little less lonely because there are so many people who feel the way they feel out there, and my music connects audiences from around the world together through relatable, vulnerable lyrics.” The thought of connecting to her fans in person brings tears to her eyes. Bridging that physical gap will be a huge milestone for her. “I am looking forward to going on tour this year. I would love to travel the world and meet my fans and scream my lyrics with them. Touring is a huge step in an artist’s career, and I would love to venture into that when it happens. I am so grateful for my listeners. They make me feel so loved and special, and I would honestly cry just to hug them and tell them how special they truly are to me.” Kaylee will always reach out to those who need a hand to hold. Stream “Make Believe” HERE!

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Kaylee Lauren Shows Others They’re Not Alone with New Single, “Make Believe.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kaylee Lauren.

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