Instant Karma: An Interview with The Karma Killers

New Jersey natives The Karma Killers have embarked on their first tour as a band this summer on the Vans Warped Tour and brought their classic rock, punk rock, new wave, and soul sound to the stage every day—rain or shine. We caught up with them in Florida and chatted about tour life, their new album Strange Therapy, influences, and an upcoming music video.
Cliché: Being on tour for the first time, how has your bond as a band strengthened?
The Karma Killers: We are all in this for the same reasons, the same intentions, the same hopes and aspirations: the indescribable desire to make passionate, honest art and music. With that said, our bond continues to blossom every day we are together.
With Warped Tour being your first tour, how would you describe your experience?
Pretty amazing. As most have read about, or have seen us on the tour thus far, we consider ourselves the “black sheep” of the tour. The kids seem to be very receptive of our music and performance. It’s been an eye-opener for sure.
What are some things you’ve enjoyed the most about being on tour?
Meeting these individuals that actually care about what we have to say and express in our music. Getting to know these kids from all over America every day is a blessing. It’s incredibly humbling. They are the reason.
What can concert attendees expect from your set?
Electricity. A rock ‘n’ roll take over.
You guys just released your debut EP, Strange Therapy. How has the response been by your fans?
It’s been fabulous. The look in the kids’ eyes and the connection they have created to the EP has been gratifying.
For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music yet, how would you describe your sound?
Night/Pop Alt/Rock.
What artists inspire and influence your sound?
It goes across the boards. For me, personally: David Bowie, Robert Smith, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, U2, etc.
What’s in the works for The Karma Killers after Warped Tour?
We’ll be back on the road. There’s a tour in the works as we speak!
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Instant Karma: An Interview with The Karma Killers: Photographed by Imani Givertz

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