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Jennifer Denali Releases Vulnerable New Single “Sweet Sounds”

Powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Denali is back with her new dance club single, “Sweet Sounds”, out today! While the up-tempo song is sure to get you dancing, Jennifer describes it as a very vulnerable song for her. When discussing the song she says it’s about “hearing the sound of a memory. A whisper of someone’s voice, or the voice within. It’s really a longing for something that feels missing. To me that was about getting in touch with myself (filling the void) and also missing certain aspects of who I was when I was feeling lost. The freedom to explore and always come back to yourself is what it means to live.

For the release of the visualizer for “Sweet Sounds”, Jennifer worked with O̸z̸an Ozcelik to bring the song to life. Reimagining Jennifer as a mermaid perched on a rock as the waves ebb and flow, he created a stunning graphic video that’s as dreamy and hypnotic as the song.

Jennifer Denali has been paving her path in the music industry. Her vocals and sounds have been likened to 90’s and early 2000’s divas and icons including Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Amy Winehouse. The New York native draws inspiration from her personal quest for self-love, and couches these empowering lessons in invigorating R&B pop tracks. Themes of love lost, wisdom gleaned, and her ongoing evolution as an artist and as a woman abound. Her upcoming music has a narrative flow from black hole emptiness to breaking through into the light. Her debut singles “Painkiller”, “Try”, and “Falling Leaves”  have achieved major streaming success and Jennifer is just getting started! 

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