Singing Beauty – An Interview with the Musical Side of Emily Kinney

Singing Beauty – An Interview with the Musical Side of Emily Kinney
When Emily Kinney graced the stage at Patchogue’s 89 North, she immediately brightened the room with a warm and welcoming smile that outshone the stage lights. Between songs, Kinney had taken the time to converse with her audience and it became clear that her charming personality had been perfectly captured in her bubbly melodies and exceptional rhythms of her music. Kinney has a sparkling way of approaching certain subjects, such as a song she had written “about a boy” that she likes, however remains unattainable due to his current relationship with a woman named Julie. She encouraged the audience to sing along to the chorus of “take home Julie!” as she lyrically gushed about they were meant to be together with an engaging smile. The Walking Dead actress had shared the stage with local Long Island act Christine Holt, and fellow former Spring Awakening alumni Alice Lee. Cliché’s own Heather Glock caught up with the musician/actress before her set to discuss her passion in music and what fans can expect from her new record.
Cliché: You had made your way to Broadway a few years ago by appearing in the musical Spring Awakening. Are there any plans to travel back to the big city for another Broadway show?
Emily Kinney: When I’m not shooting in Atlanta, I live in NYC, and actually try to go to theater as much as possible. I definitely want to be in more theater. I hope it is a part of life and career for as long as possible, but I don’t have any plans in my schedule right now to be in a play.
You are performing tonight with a fellow member from Spring Awakening. Would you and Alice Lee ever consider writing an album together?
I love performing with Alice. Who knows? Maybe we will write a song together!
For your past two EP’s, you have worked with Conrad Korsch. Will the two of you collaborate again for your next album?
Hopefully. I’ve started recording the next album, but haven’t figured out who is producing every single track yet. Hopefully he will be a part of it!
Your two EPs explored self-discovery with both kind and difficult relationships. What kind of topic matter can we expect from your next work?
I love singing about and writing about love and relationships… it’s such a mystery to me! I have found myself, though, also writing about new subjects, like loneliness, success, friendships, and aging, so some of that may come out in my lyrics the next time around. But my favorite thing is a love song.
You are a Nebraskan native, yet you have spent quite some time in New York City, Los Angeles, and even Atlanta. Would you say these busy cities have influences in your lyrical content and perhaps style of writing?
The music scene in NYC has definitely influenced my writing! I also feel like, since I often use my own life as a jumping-off point to write songs, you find those cities creep into my lyrics.
So far you have proven that you are talented in the fields of acting and singing. Do you have any secret plans on becoming a triple threat with a third talent?
I don’t really keep secrets, but I love songwriting and also writing poetry and short stories. Maybe someday I will have the time to develop my dialogue and prose writing skills!

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Your website states that you are a regular performer in New York’s Rockwood Music Hall and LA’s Hotel Café. Would you ever consider touring nationwide?
Yes! I would love to! My plan is to eventually–when it makes sense for me time-wise and financially.
Is there a band or performer you have always dreamed of touring with?
I love Paramore and Tegan and Sara, but my music probably fits better with Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Bareilles, or Regina Spektor, so playing with them and for their fans would be awesome!
How do you find the time to manage your music and acting career? Do you ever feel that it becomes too much and that you may have to choose one over the other?
I do sometimes choose certain acting opportunities over playing shows and vice versa, depending on what makes sense to me artistically, financially, and emotionally. I feel like both can be and will be in my life forever. Both industries are very demanding, but so fulfilling, and all I can do is always go with my gut and take care of myself, and my health, and work hard at whatever I decide to do in each moment.

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