Heat Seekers

From Justin Timberlake to Beyonce’s surprise and secretive album drop just before the year was up, 2013 came and went with plenty of exciting album releases. 2014 is heating up to be even better for music fans across the globe. Below, I’ve put together some albums to keep any eye out for. Expect great music from rap to rock this year. 


Beck – Morning Phase
Release Date: February 25th

Beck’s last studio, 2008’s Modern Guilt, took listeners on a trip back to the psychedelic 60’s but Morning Phase promises to deliver folky, moody, acoustic Beck a la 2002’s Sea Change. “Blue Moon” is the first track to be released thus far and sounds promising with an acoustic beat and a melancholy chorus of “Don’t leave me on my own/ Left me standing on the road.”


Black Lips – Underneath The Rainbow
Release Date: March 18th

Not too many details have been released about the upcoming album from the Atlanta based group but if the single, “Boys In The Woods” is an indication, the album will be blues-heavy rock. Patrick Carney of The Black Keys is working with the band on the upcoming album.


Broken Bells – After The Disco
Release Date: February 4th

Broken Bells have released their latest track of the upcoming album, conviently titled the same as the album. The song pairs synths and keyboards with dark, brooding lyrics proving frontman James Mecer’s skills as a lyricist and Danger Mouse’s sleek production skills. Expect nothing short of greatness from these two.


The Horrors – Untitled
Release Date: April 2014

The Horrors have confirmed a 2014 release as a follow-up to 2011’s Skying. The band promises a much “heavier and electronic feel” on their next LP with nods to 70’s space rock. Track titles have already been leaked and include “Elixir Spring”, “Jealous Sun”, “Luminous”, and “First Day of Spring.”


Iggy Azalea – The New Classic
Release Date: March 2014

Aussie It Girl Iggy Azalea released details of her upcoming album debut, The New Classic. She’s already teased a track called “Animal Noise” off the album. Iggy tweeted that of the track that fans “should definitely dance in your underwear to it.” Look for this album to be big in 2014.
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