Finally, A Song that Lives Up To Its Name!

Source: Jason Bieler’s Press Release Page

 “Keep Calm and Carry On,” by Jason Bieler, former member of Saigon Kick, and his band Owl Stretching, is just that: a happy piece that is encouraging. The piece, released as a single. Deceptively simple at first, the music really does calm you and energize you at the same time.

The music begins with a harmony that repeats itself, much as in the style of his former band’s “Love Is On the Way,” only the harmonies are deeper and richer. “Keep Calm and Carry On/When the Sun Goes Down it all ends with Big Bang Boom…” the song goes, instantly relaxing you with its harmonious beginning.

The music picks up next with something that sounds like it could be hard rock, but it never really gets to “hard” rock. Instead, the picked-up music adds to the encouragement and happiness as the harmony is repeated. The end result is you start off being soothed, and then are given a pep talk and a burst of energy–which is exactly what the name of the song is talking about! It is rare in today’s day and age to see a song whose title matches exactly what the song is about. Even The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” fails this test.

Overall, the energy of the song is quick-paced, fast, but yet at the same time, slow. Indeed, “Keep Calm and Carry On” does exactly that: keeps you calm while being peppy enough to get you through the day!

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