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Teen talent, professionally known as Cmagic5, is a Canadian singer/songwriter and musician from Toronto.  With 2020 being torpedoed by the virus, this 2020 high school graduate has spent her lockdown honing her craft and is set to release her much-awaited debut Album “Ready To run” and the timing could not have been better, May 05, which is also her birthday. With every new single written, composed and co-produced, Cmagic5’s delivery is accompanied by a unique story, spicy colors, enhanced visualizations and memorable graphics. Her passion for making others smile and feel good is the motivation behind her music. Cmagic5 shares her musical journey and artistic opportunity to douse listeners with positivity, encouraging them to discover their own distinctive innate strength.   

The very first track, “You got a problem”, exuberates power and confidence as the overall mood of the song with simple lyrics and a contagious dance beat. This music takes the singer out of her soulful realm and delivers a pop overtone. The next track “Ready to Run”, full of vivacious energy, and melodious and delicately mysterious timbre, adds gravity to the powerful lyrics. Cmagic5 emphasizes the power of music to heal the world through her next piece “Rising up”, with a powerful message which couldn’t have been released at a better time. Bold and adventurous to explore varied musical landscapes, Cmagic5 takes us on a journey in her next track which transitions onto a pop/orchestral/rock vibe “Outta My Head” that launch you into a swing of emotions. This blissfully takes us into the next track “Just Wanna”, a welcoming spring-summer pop anthem. Musically, which exhibits a uniqueness with a buzzing freshness of summer through its catchy, modern pop melody built on a powerful Afrobeat. The next piece “You don’t know” effortlessly brings us fresh R&B vibes infused with jazzy, melodious chords and encapsulating vocals for a feel-good end of summer track progressing into a fall mood, symbolic of an emotional transition to self-worth and realization.

Cmagic5In contrast to the previous singles, “You Don’t Know” is driven by sultry R&B vibes with an effortless delivery of riffs and runs. We are in love with the honesty and rawness of emotions and adore the next piece which is a new, fresh, and catchy track “LEGO” which is an “ode to yourself”. The tropical synth beats and hints of spicy salsa flavor bring the song to life. It’s playful, sassy vocals, perfectly match the Latin cues captured musically and create a captivating effect. Overall, this ear worm single with it’ solo trumpet chorus as the centerpiece adds a spellbinding ingredient and leave your ear buds dancing. Cmagic5 intensifies the album with the next track “The One” which begins with establishing a nostalgic atmosphere through stratospheric waves and a deep modern synth bass, followed by a haunting deal breaker arpeggio that further develops the moody ambiance. The contemporary synth line and feature of electric guitar unexpectedly leads up to an upbeat, catchy chorus that urges you to sing along. Cmagic5’s concluding track “Love me if you can” sets the tone and wraps up the album, merging a catchy tune with an eerie stratospheric soundscape and strong beat, that sets the tone for an empowering and infectious dance track. Stay tuned  for a music video soon to follow which will definitely be a cherry on top.

Each and every song in this album is reflective of the four seasons which we can all relate with and feel inspired by as we go through the ups and downs in our own lives. Being a lover of many genres of music, each song has its own creative journey and conveys a different story exploring diverse song writing styles and sub-genres. In the words of Cmagic5, “I hope my music is something people can easily identify and relate with and also enjoy at a personal level, especially during these unprecedented times.”

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