Drake at OVO Fest

Do we still have any Meek Mill fans out here? Since the feud between rappers Meek Mill and Drake, Drake has released two diss tracks, “Charged” and “Back To Back.” Meanwhile, Meek has released one not-so-good comeback track that has his career on the line and his fans flocking towards Drake.
Despite his success, Drake is still not done having fun with the aftermath of his lyrical slaying. There was a lot of talk this week that Drake would release his third diss track at the OVO Fest in Toronto, Canada. Drake might have not dropped a track last night, but he made it a point to confirm that there is a “3Peat” with the small preview he gave us during his performance.
Even though “3Peat” wasn’t officially dropped at OVO Fest — although #meekmillsfuneral trended on Twitter — Drake had a few tricks up his sleeve. For instance, there was a whole Powerpoint presentation playing in the background of Drake’s performance that was loaded with Meek Mill memes. Can we give Drake a round of applause for the first artist to make a diss Powerpoint presentation? Let’s not forget about the Free Meek Mill T-shirt Drake was wearing during his performance.
We are sure this feud won’t be over any time soon because it seems like Drake is having too much fun.
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Drake at OVO Fest: Photograph courtesy of J. Adam Huggins for The New York Times

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