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Chianne Unveils Empowering New Single, “Truly Free”

Chianne Unveils Empowering New Single, “Truly Free”

Conscious-Pop Artist  Describes Shedding Insecurities in a Cookie-Cutter World

Los Angeles, CA – International singer-songwriter and conscious-pop artist, Chianne, has released her new single “Truly Free.” The powerful, multi-talented artist takes listeners on an emotional journey as she describes breaking away from tradition, limiting beliefs, and social conditioning while learning to accept her truest, most authentic self. “I hope this song inspires you to always be true to yourself, truly free to be you and to freely express yourself,” Chianne explains. “Stay firm and committed, trust yourself and walk the path of your dreams, guided by your heart and intuition, despite what others may say or think of you.” Her new single, “Truly Free,” is now available to stream and download on all platforms.

Chianne arranges a beautiful pairing of orchestral and percussion instruments that merge with her personal lyrics to form an emotional, moving melody that leaves fans feeling uplifted. The conscious-pop artist aims to make music that heals, inspires, and empowers; adding a layer to that, she has incorporated reiki vocals into her music to send healing frequencies to listeners everywhere. For “Truly Free,” Chianne drew upon her own experiences struggling with self-love and the pressure to conform to society where she often felt not fitting in.  After doing what she felt was expected of her for many years, Chianne continued to ponder if she may very well be limiting herself by suppressing her true nature. For years, she’s looked for validation outside of herself, seeking to know her worth and herself through the limited perceptions and projections of the people around her. Along the way, she internalized their voices as her own and the negative talk in her head held her back from expressing her truest self and her gifts, which led her to hold back and doubt her abilities, gifts, and talents.

Over time, insecurities and self-doubt began to pile up for the young singer, and she went back and forth between following the path that society and her family expected of her to follow versus following the path of her deepest heart’s desires. Even though she often felt lonely,  ultimately, she chose the path of her dreams and rekindled her passion for music. “I started to remember childhood memories where I always dreamt of singing, dancing, performing, creating shows, choreographs and imagining myself in musicals, etc. I started to remember how it felt so good doing so,” says Chianne on her inspiration for the song. In “Truly Free,” she is able to beautifully capture this enlightening endeavor to explore one’s true self and reminds listeners to embrace their individuality.

Chianne’s journey with music began at the early age of six when she was taught to play classical piano. Coming from a family full of talented musicians, music was always a ubiquitous presence in her life. Her passion started when she fell in love with idols like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston. As a young adult, Chianne earned a degree in International Relations and in Fashion Design and began working in fashion around the world.  However, her talent and love for music simply could not be held back. While living in Australia, Chianne began to go after exploring her passion for becoming a serious musical artist. This led her to Los Angeles, where she dreamed of one day becoming a singer, cultivating her passion. She has taken classes at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood and the Songwriters School of Los Angeles, and is a member of BMI.

“Truly Free” is available now wherever you stream music. To learn more about Chianne, visit her Instagram page at @chianneozgur

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