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Beca Releases Hot New Single “Calm Before the Storm”


October 9th, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA): LA-based composer and solo artist, Beca, is back with a new single, ‘Calm Before The Storm.’ Known for her dreamy synths and ethereal vocals, Beca amplifies it all on this track to create an epic pop song, pushing people to break through any and all limitations. With multiple releases out this year and 7 million views on TikTok with her partnered Bounty track ‘Quicker Picker Upper,’ Beca is dedicated to bringing her unique musical style to cinema and to pop lovers everywhere.

“‘Calm Before The Storm’ is about fighting for what we believe in, even in the face of fear and uncertainty. I sometimes get caught up in the daily grind to the point where I feel stuck, discouraged, and in a vicious cycle of second-guessing. I have to remind myself: life is about the process, not results. I wrote this song as an anthem for those of us taking consistent daily action and making all the hard little choices that better our lives. During this time when it seems the world is falling apart, we need to dig deeper than ever before to find our inner strength and resilience.” -Beca

The song is a visceral experience; from the powerful music to the inspiring lyrics, it all comes together to conjure the listener’s courage and face the hardships of today head-on. Co-written and co-produced by Danny Ross of Cheap Synths, the production of swirling bass, chimes, and hard percussive hits creates a dynamic soundscape that culminates with the energetic and uplifting climax of this electrifying pop track. Beca is currently working on her next EP, but fans won’t have to wait long for new music because she has more singles coming later this year.

becaBeca, also known as Becca Schack, creates music that spans both contemporary and cinematic worlds, applying her Juilliard conservatory training to her fresh take on modern pop. After studying with master composers like Grammy winner Christopher Rouse and multi-instrumentalist/electronic music pioneer Elliott Sharp, she started blending electro-acoustics, vocals, and orchestral instrumentation into electronic pieces that range from modern ballet scores to beats for the dance floor.

With many singles, 4 EP’s and an album under her belt, Beca paved her own way in the music industry as a solo artist, attracting concert crowds spanning the US, Europe, and Mexico, including at festivals like SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, NYC Pride, POP Montreal, and NXNE. Her talent has also been broadcast on over 50 stations including NPR’s The Essentials and LA’s famed KCRW and has been featured in commercials and such hit television shows as Bones, the UK’s Made In Chelsea, and Dance Moms.

For more info about Beca follow her on social media: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify 

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