Bands Interviewing Bands: Hydrogen Skyline and Jess Chizuk

Jess: I see you guys have toured quite a bit! Do you have a favorite moment from your past tours, and do you have anything upcoming to support Photovoltaic?
Hydrogen Skyline: One of our combined favorite moments from touring was when we had the opportunity to play this steam punk festival in California called SteamStock. The venue was this renovated shipyard/warehouse and it was the coolest setup ever! The stage we played on was right in front of these massive 40-foot high windows and behind us was San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. It was such an amazing setting, it was almost surreal we got to play it.
A close second favorite moment–in retrospect–was how it seemed like we couldn’t go a whole hour of driving without someone having to go to the bathroom. It was almost comical, but at the time really aggravating!
Hydrogen Skyline: One of my favorite bands is Metric. They have a song called “Gimme Sympathy” and part of the lyrics is, “Who would you rather be the Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” So, in their honor, I pass that question on to you!
Jess: That’s a tough one! I think I would have to go with The Beatles. I was (and still am) hugely influenced by them in my writing, especially when I was getting started. They’re one of my all-time favorite groups.
Jess: If you had the chance to open for any band/artist you wanted, who would you choose?
Hydrogen Skyline: Good question! I think we would like to open for Twenty One Pilots (mainly just to see their concert!), with a very close second place for Fall Out Boy. Both bands are just have fantastically high intensity during their live shows.
Hydrogen Skyline: With Lehigh Valley Line, what is your greatest hope in what it accomplishes for your career?
Jess: I’m really just hoping to get it in the hands of people who appreciate it. I love what I do to no end, and as long as I can get this album to as many people who might love it even as a fraction as much as I do, I’ll be pretty content. At the end of the day, I just want people to enjoy the music.
Jess: What do you want your fans to take away from Photovoltaic after they listen to it?
Hydrogen Skyline: I suppose the main thing we want fans to take away from the new record is some sort of inspiration or enhancement to their life. We really want people to enjoy engaging with our music and to take something away from it that means something to their own lives. For instance, once we met a guy and his wife that told us after a show that one of our older songs had totally gotten them through the death of their baby. It was such a flooring experience to have strangers crying while hugging and thanking us for making a song that deeply resonated with their lives. It was so fulfilling to know we did and could do something to that magnitude with our art.
Hydrogen Skyline: If you had to live on Mars and NASA said you could only take five full albums with you, which ones would you choose?
Jess: Oh man, how could I ever actually pick? I guess if I HAD to, it would be: Pearl by Janis Joplin, Abbey Road by the Beatles, Photographs and Memories by Jim Croce, Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, and Hotel California by the Eagles. Same question to you!
Hydrogen Skyline: It’s tough to figure that out between all of us; however, I think we could come to a consensus if NASA demanded it. Our outer space records we wouldn’t want to harvest the Martian terrain without: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface, Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile, Ani DiFranco – Dilate, and Porcupine Tree – Dead Wing.
Thank you so much for this fun convo Jess! It was great getting to learn about your artistry and getting to answer some really fun questions. We wish you the absolute best in your career and hope to see you around our neck of the woods in the future!
Jess: Awesome! This has been a blast. It was great getting to know you well, and hopefully, we’ll cross paths again in the near future. Best of luck with everything! 
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Bands Interviewing Bands: Hydrogen Skyline and Jess Chizuk. Photo Credit for Hydrogen Skyline (top): Aaron Anderson Photography. For Jess Chizuk (bottom) Holly Meyer photography.

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