Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is Powerful and Inspiring

Avril Lavigne, the singer known for her edgy, punk attitude and alternative style, is finally back. After five years of no releases, Avril is at it again. She’s been promoting her upcoming album on social media for weeks now, but the wait for a sneak peek is over.  Avril Lavigne’s new single ‘Head Above Water’ is a ballad about her struggle with Lyme Disease. Three years ago, Lavigne revealed that she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. But now that her new album is closer to fruition, she’s been even more vocal about how the disease has made its mark on her music.

Her Letter to Her Fans

Avril posted a letter to her fans on her official website last week, explaining how music was able to help her through “the worst years of [her] life.”  

I was able to turn that fight into music I’m really proud of. I wrote songs in my bed and on the couch and recorded there mostly as well. Words and lyrics that were so true to my experience came pouring out of me effortlessly. Truly… by keeping my spirits up, having goals to reach and a purpose to live for, my music helped to heal me and keep me alive.

Avril Lavgine’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is a Powerful, Inspiring Ballad

Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’

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Lavigne wrote the album during the toughest moments of her life. Lyme Disease left Avril bedridden for five months, according to her 2015 interview with People. The first song she wrote was “Head Above Water.” In a statement to People, Lavigne discussed a night where she believed she was dying. “I had accepted that I was going to die…I felt like I was drowning. Under my breath, I prayed, ‘God, please help to keep my head above the water.’ In that moment, the songwriting of this album began.” Although it’s extremely rare to die from Lyme Disease, the symptoms can be debilitating.

Avril’s struggle with Lyme Disease inspired the new album, and clearly the newly released single. The song expresses a helpless, but powerful feeling of wanting to stay alive. More than a typical, sad ballad “Head Above Water” is powerful and inspiring. Rather than giving in to her struggles, the singer expresses her desire to continue on and regain her strength. The lyrics are honest as she sings, “Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for / Can’t part the sea, can’t reach the shore / And my voice becomes the driving force.”

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Avril Lavigne’s New Single ‘Head Above Water’ is Powerful and Inspiring. Featured Photo Credit: BMG


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