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AVIV Wrestles with the Loneliness of Long Distance Relationships in New Single, “Jimmy’s House”

AVIV Wrestles with the Loneliness of Long Distance Relationships in New Single, “Jimmy’s House”

AVIV uses Toronto’s eclectic music landscapes as a canvas for her art. “Living in Toronto has always been such a gift when it comes to music,” she says. “Unlike many other cities, who prevail in specific genres, Toronto has a bit of every scene. This has been amazing, as it offers collaboration with many kinds of creative musicians, leaving room for trying everything and making new and unique sounds.” Her own sound is similarly distinctive. Each track is a glimpse into her mind. “I would describe my music as a bit all over the place. There’s no real genre to fully classify it as. I am always changing, and everything I put out is a representation of me at that specific time in my life.” Crafting songs from her bedroom, AVIV prides herself on a closeness unattainable to most artists. Every chord embodies her affection for her work. “While being home, I was used to sitting through and perfecting my songs with thorough care, since there was so much time on my hands. This created an overall intimacy and perfectionism which ensured every song I release is who I am.”

This comfort allowed her to genuinely explore her emotions in her new single, “Jimmy’s House,” which captures the fears and insecurities that can surface within a long distance relationship. “‘Jimmy’s House’ was written last summer. I was alone for a month in LA and learning how to be fine on my own with my thoughts. It worked as a great outlet to get my emotions out. I wrote it with DAYWAVE and he really wanted to help replicate this. We recorded the demo vocals on a tape recorder, which really helped trigger the intimacy the song represented. I fell in love with it the second it was written.” Being apart can also shed light on potentially unhealthy codependency. Another person cannot have the power to complete you when you are already whole yourself. “I think physical distance causes anxiety because in a relationship you learn to be so reliant on the other person. You find so much comfort in the other, that oftentimes you lose yourself. It’s very important to have individuality in relationships and learn to fulfill yourself first before doing so with another.” 

AVIV took the opportunity to focus on self-care. “I learned a lot about myself. With time on my hands, I prioritized setting goals for myself and meeting them. It could be little things, like going on a walk or waking up earlier. For me, it was music.” Separation can offer a window for building trust in order to foster better communication and a stronger relationship. “I think learning to respect space and boundaries is important while being supportive of each other. Going into things with a positive attitude and trust is key for your own mental sake. While keeping in touch is important, it’s also vital not to suffocate each other and enjoy things apart sometimes. It’s cliché, but the distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you spoke all day, your conversations wouldn’t be as valuable.” AVIV is having the time of her life on tour. Sharing her energy with her audience is an unmatched experience.”It’s amazing! It is teaching me that there are incredible people all over the world. As well, that nothing beats the intimacy of a live performance. I’d seriously do it every day, all day if I could!” Check out more of AVIV’s music HERE.

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AVIV Wrestles with the Loneliness of Long Distance Relationships in New Single, “Jimmy’s House.” Photo Credit: Ryan Faist.

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