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Annie O’Malley is Intoxicated by Bad Love in New Single “You’re The Drug”

Annie O’Malley is a proud open book to her fans, channeling every aspect of life into her music. The 19-year-old gets candid about her struggle to break free of a toxic relationship in her new single, “You’re The Drug.” She’s also excited for her brand new EP, Golden, a heartfelt collection of life experiences and lessons learned throughout her adolescence. She hopes that her fans will find a sense of camaraderie through listening to her music. Listen to “You’re The Drug” HERE. Check out Golden HERE.

Cliché: Who or what inspires you musically?

Annie O’Malley: I think people inspire me the most musically. People and experiences, that’s what I write about. I live and observe and question and then I put what I see into my songs. 

Talk about your new single, “You’re The Drug.”

“You’re The Drug” is about the personal conflict with something that you love and makes you feel good, but is breaking you at the same time. This is something we all go through at least once and I believe it’s best to learn from experience rather than hiding in fear from what could happen. This song was when I first learned it. 

Is it ever intimidating to be so emotionally vulnerable in your music?

There were times in the beginning where I would question if I said too much but now, I love it. I love how music gives me the opportunity to speak to large amounts of people at once and the listeners can hear my stories or pain or happiness every time they press play. I love writing about touchy subjects, it’s therapeutic and exciting for me at the same time. 

How are you learning to break free of the often addictive up and down cycles of toxic relationships?

 I feel like to some extent, every relationship will have its struggles and ups and downs, but that’s okay because if every relationship was perfect you would never grow. And I have been there too, where something is so perfect it’s too perfect and there still feels to be something missing. There are so many people on this earth we could each get along with which is why I feel like it’s good to meet new people and try different relationships because you learn more about other people and that can only benefit you.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to move on from a person who might not necessarily be good for them?

 I think my advice would be don’t be so hard on yourself. Love is addicting and sometimes bad love is even more addictive. It won’t be easy, and you will have days where you are so heartbroken and think that it’s your fault. It’s not. Even though going through this was hard, I would never wish it away because of what it taught me and who I am now. Sadness and pain are not the enemy, they are phases we go through that add depth to our person. I think also remember that there is better out there, and you will eventually find someone that treats you right. That was hard for me to remember and it kept me in the same spot for a long time.


We want to hear all about your new debut EP, Golden.

 My EP Golden is a bunch of songs that I have written over the last 6 years. All the lyrics and melodies come from my heart, and my experiences, through my eyes. The songs range from things about heartbreak, love, friendship, loneliness, what we put out into the world is what comes back, learning how to be calm, and more! 

What’s the meaning behind that title?

I am very excited for everyone to hear the rest and the word golden is a common theme. I love the sun, I love warm weather, I love things that sparkle and I love using that word.

 What artistic statement did you want to make with your EP?

 The biggest thing for me is honesty, transparency, and authenticity. When people listen to my music, I want them to know that I am going through similar things as them and that it’s like they are having a conversation with me when listening to my music. 

Is there a particular track that’s most meaningful to you?

Each track means so much in different ways but I am really excited for people to hear “Mrs. Nice,” this song was at a point in my life where I was contemplating something that I normally stay away from. I talk about living my life and experiencing things because when I do, I love it, but I still have fears to do so. I people please, I try to make everyone happy before myself, and I do what people will respond best to. But “Mrs. Nice” is about what would happen if I didn’t do that for a second, what if I did what I wanted to and learned by failure, what would happen? So, this song was very big in my growth as a songwriter, because of how it’s produced, and as person, because of what it talks about. 

How are you planning to celebrate when lockdown is over?

 Living my life and seeing people! We forget how lucky it is to be able to plan our days or weeks or months. We are living in a world right now where everything is unknown, and we have to just wait. I think there will be positives and I hope it forces people to socialize and work hard when this is all over. For the first time in a long time this has been something we can all agree on and it’s something the whole world is going through, not just our states or our country. 

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Annie O’Malley is Intoxicated by Bad Love in New Single “You’re The Drug.” Photo Credit: Arielle Vey.