What not to do After Being Involved in an Accident

what not to do when you are involved in an accident

Today we want to share important tips on what not to do in the early days of an accident. Driving on the road or using it as a pedestrian always has associated risks. You can do everything on your side to avoid an accident. However, a misjudgment from another road user can cause an accident leading to life-altering injuries. Statistics indicate that two million drivers sustain permanent injuries from such accidents. Many of the injured receive compensation, but it is undeniable that they often face some challenges. This is why taking timely steps in the early days of an accident is vital to ensure a smooth legal process. Here are things not to do. 

Underestimating your injuries

The truth is, not every injury can be seen with the eyes. Internal injuries may take a few hours to several days before triggering the nerves to respond to pain. Perhaps, you sustained a few scratches and scrapes on your skin after an accident. It is easy to brush them aside, especially when the pain is minimal, and there isn’t much bleeding. Ignoring such injuries can be detrimental to your overall well-being, especially when something more sinister happens to your internal organs. Apart from the health concerns, underestimating your injuries can hurt your case too.

How does this happen? Ideally, every auto accident must be reported, after which a licensed medical practitioner is expected to conduct physical checks on the parties involved. If you fail to take these steps, any serious injury that manifests later can be detrimental to your case. For instance, reporting any serious injury at a later date may cause the insurance company to doubt your case or any compensation claims. Moreover, your personal injury lawyers need evidence of a medical report signed off on the day of the accident or a few days later. Anything beyond a week may raise doubts about the accident or the severity of your injuries.

Providing excessive information to the insurance company

what not to do when you are involved in an accident

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It’s always been said that insurance companies are out to protect their interests. Most of them will often do anything that helps them save more money. As an accident victim, it is important to know the extent of information to provide. Only your personal injury lawyer is entitled to be privy to every detail of the accident. After all, they are there to protect your interests as a client. So, what’s the fuss about being mindful of the information provided to the insurance company? Any insurance adjuster that contacts you is out to save the company.

Their job is to listen to your narration and identify weak links that help them figure out how to pay you less than you deserve. It would be unfortunate to be denied what you deserve simply because an insurance adjuster punched holes in your accident story. If the accident were partly your fault, it would be best to keep that from the insurance company. Your lawyer is the only entity to have access to that vital detail. What you must do is provide basic information about yourself. If the adjuster needs details, you have the right to refer them to your personal injury lawyer. 

Apologizing or admitting guilt at the scene

When the accident is your fault, it is natural for emotions to take dominance. This is when you are tempted to apologize quickly to quell any escalation of events. According to experienced auto accident lawyers, this immediately makes you guilty and can potentially negatively impact your case. Remember that anything you say at the scene of the accident will likely be used against you.

In some places like Nevada, a law court may compel the other party to recollect, and present details of everything said at the scene. Therefore, if you apologized at the accident scene, the court will interpret it as an admission of guilt. That doesn’t help your case in any way. The best thing, therefore, is to say nothing to anyone at the scene of the accident. The less you say, the more likely you will avoid incriminating yourself.

Settling too quickly

Studies have shown that people who settle too quickly largely act on emotions. For many, it is a way to avoid a protracted case. Others want it over and done with because the first offer sounded good. However, it is believed that this group of settlers often failed to contact a personal injury lawyer who would have used their experience to demand more. People do not realize that the first offer is usually inadequate and an unfair payment

A fair settlement must include enough cover for auto damages, injuries, time lost from work, and other compensation categories. There is the belief that fair settlement is relative and may not always be an amount the party deserves. Moreover, settlement sums vary from state to state, which explains why some people earn more depending on their location. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer can be your best bet if you want something commensurate with injuries sustained and the damages incurred.

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