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Tips on Creating a Cozy Workspace in Your Bedroom

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Today want to give you some great tips on creating a cozy workspace in your bedroom. Many jobs that previously required in-person hours have switched to remote work in the wake of government restrictions. Although some people enjoy working from home, others don’t have a separate room to create a home office. Working at home has many perks. Your commute is shorter, you don’t need to dress professionally, and the only people who may steal your lunch are your family members. You can look for a best weighted blanket which can make your work environment comfortable.

However, if you don’t have a designated office space, you may need to turn your bedroom into your office. Working and sleeping in the same room can wreak havoc on your work-life balance, so having a designated workspace corner in your bedroom is essential. You can use organizers, choose cute stationery, and arrange your desk near a wall to allow for better focus and enhance your productivity.

Get Comfy

Most people will spend six or more hours a day in this workspace, so it is important to ensure it is comfortable. Choose an ergonomic office chair to take pressure off your back and get a desk that isn’t too high or too low to type at to eliminate neck strain.

If you type a lot, consider getting an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Typing on a flimsy laptop keyboard can result in carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow, which can be painful and require physical therapy to fix. An ergonomic keyboard provides more support for your wrists, and using a mouse instead of the trackpad is easier on your muscles and tendons.

Ensure that you have good lighting. If it’s too dark, you may end up squinting, causing eye strain and headaches. Get a desk lamp in your favorite color that has multiple light settings. During the day, when the sun is shining, you can use the lower setting and take advantage of the sun’s rays. Then, after sundown, turn the light to the highest setting for task lighting.

If you’re not used to working on the computer for hours a day, you may want to invest in a pair of blue light glasses. Computer screens give off a blue light that can cause harm to your eyes and increase dryness and tiredness. Blue light glasses have a yellow tint that blocks blue light, increasing contrast and helping your eyes cope with extended screen time.

You may also need to get a small portable heater. If you live in an older building, your room can get chilly in the winter. Instead of turning up the heating for the whole house or apartment, you can save money and energy by using a smaller electric heater. If it isn’t cold enough to warrant a space heater, make sure you have a beautiful, warm blanket on hand to keep you cozy. 

Organize Your Workspace

Even more so than at the office, organization is key for focusing when working at home. If you’re working in the bedroom, it can be tempting to work from bed or take breaks more frequently. By keeping a well-organized, visually appealing desk, you’ll be less tempted by distractions.

Try putting your desk up against a wall, or place it by a window for extra vitamin D. Ideally, you could partition a corner of your bedroom off as your workspace. Make sure you have access to a power outlet and that you can connect to the Wi-Fi without problems. If you’re too far from the router, you may need to get a Wi-Fi booster to improve the signal.

You’ll also want to arrange your desk for ease of use. Get a paper organizer, baskets for your chargers, and plastic folders to organize your papers. Don’t keep non-work items on your desk, as they’ll create clutter that may distract you while working. Although you need to be organized, there’s no reason for your folders and organizers to be black and dark blue. You’re working from home, so choose the colors and modern office design ideas you love. If you prefer rainbow-colored Post-its to plain yellow ones, treat yourself. The more personality you put into your bedroom workspace, the more pleasant your workday will be.

Limit Distractions

Some of the downsides to working from home are the distractions. Although you can’t avoid some of them, like making the kids lunch or taking the dogs out for a walk, you can minimize others. Close your bedroom door when you’re working and ask your family to only come in for emergencies.

Another potential distractor can be clutter. Try to keep your bedroom tidy to avoid the temptation to clean up while working. Clutter can also cause stress, even if you’re not conscious of it, which can impact your productivity. It may be tempting to keep your phone close by, but it’s likely to distract you. If you want to use your phone for music or need to keep it handy in case of an emergency, enable the Do Not Disturb function. This prevents constant notifications from disrupting your concentration.


A big plus to working at home is that you can decorate your workspace however you like. Paint your desk a calming color or put up inspirational posters. If you love plants, set up a tiny windowsill garden. Candle lovers can light a different scent every day or use a diffuser. These decorations are not only fun to choose; they can help differentiate your workspace from the rest of your bedroom. Just make sure that if you need to go on camera, you have a professional backdrop or learn how to use the Zoom backgrounds function.

Listen to Music

When you work in the office, you have to use headphones when listening to your favorite tunes. Home office means there’s no one around to disturb. Instead of listening through headphones or tinny laptop speakers, get a small Bluetooth speaker. These usually offer a much nicer sound than laptops or phones and will give your ears a break from constant headphone use. Don’t forget to charge it up overnight and to turn off your music before a virtual meeting. However, if you share a house with roommates or family, consider noise-canceling headphones to block out background noise, allowing you to enjoy your tunes in peace and concentrate better.

Find the Right Work-Life Balance

Balancing your work with time to enjoy life is difficult, for many, and working in the bedroom can make it even more challenging. By creating a cozy, distinct workspace, you will find it easier to separate work time from home life, which will make you more productive and focused when working

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