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Powerful Crystals You Can Use To Tap Into The Masculine Energy

Powerful Crystals You Can Use To Tap Into The Masculine Energy

Today we want to share more info about powerful crystals you can use to tap into the masculine energy. Hello crystal curious wanderers, today we’re going to a little crystal snooping to find out which crystals can help you tap into your yang energies – the masculine side! While we often perceive people who identify as male as being direct or insensitive, that’s just one small part of what having this energy means. 

The stronger portion of “masculine” energies expresses goal orientation, protection, and strength. If you want to integrate your inside feminine energy with more balance, protection, and well-being, the following crystals, which you can easily locate with a quick search for metaphysical supplies, will be an excellent choice for you.

Black Tourmaline – An Energetic Bodyguard

Black tourmaline is your energetic bodyguard. It accumulates all the energy from the outside world, protecting you from any negativity that might otherwise harm you. 

For instance, if you’ve recently moved to a new environment and feel like there’s been an accumulation of negative energy, try the black tourmaline crystal trick by placing a piece in your pocket or a corner of your home or office. You’ll feel much stronger and positive! 

When out and about, if you’re getting tired, find a quiet place for a few minutes to meditate with the crystal. It will restore your internal batteries and refresh your mind.

Malachite- Is All About Love 

Wearing malachite can assist you in recognizing your patterns in your relationship with others. This will allow you to break up negative habits that are not serving you well. 

Malachite can encourage you to connect with your heart, be vulnerable, learn how to give expecting nothing in return, and be open about how you feel. It’s also said that wearing a malachite healing crystal ring that connects you to the Earth, allowing your spirit to rejuvenate itself naturally.

Shungite- The Stone Of Life  

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This crystal is ideal for computer enthusiasts who spend a lot of time on their computers. This is because when you work with electronics, your environment may be polluted with electromagnetic waves. Keep shungite crystals on hand to aid in the purification of your workplace. Alternatively, if your computer emits chaotic energy, lay shungite crystals beneath your desk to clear the surroundings.

Tigers Eye – The One To Give courage

Connect to the tiger’s eye gemstone for a boost of courage. The stone dares you to gaze into the tiger’s eye and confront your worries. Nobody can hurt you if you admit and understand your concerns. 

While too much male energy can be harmful sometimes, it is still necessary, and we must find a way to create room to appreciate masculine energy and its courageous side! 

Tiger’s eye also possesses a duality that arouses sexual vigor and passion. It also brings forth emotional clarity and consciousness. 

Pyrite- The Fool’s Gold

Pyrite is sometimes confused with gold, although it itself is a beautiful entity as beautiful as gold. It is said that if you wear pyrite you will attract money and abundance. This quality makes it ideal for directing your professional or financial goals! 

Keep some on hand to remind you that everything is possible! Put some in your wallet to attract prosperity and abundance wherever you go. Plus it is said if you wrap it around your money, it will undoubtedly bring you good fortune!


Whether you’re looking for powerful crystals for healing, meditating, or bringing some positivity into your life, we hope you find a crystal that will help you balance your yin and yang energies.

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