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How Your Choice of Dog Food Affects Their Dental Health

How Your Choice of Dog Food Affects Their Dental Health

Dental Health For Dogs

Dental health for dogs is really important. Dog owners might make choices about the kind of food they buy their dogs based on several different criteria. They may choose a certain type based on the age of the dog. They may also factor in whether they own a show dog. They might make their selection because their dog is allergic to an ingredient that’s present in many dog foods.

Just as many dog owners, though, decide what kind of food they’ll buy their dog based on how good the food is for the animal’s dental health. They might buy Orijen dog food or one of the other popular brands on the market.

If you’re not certain how your choice of dog food affects your pet’s dental health, we will discuss that in detail right now.

Is Dry Dog Food Better for the Animal’s Dental Health?

Many dog owners buy dry dog food because they think the animal will have better oral health because of it. In reality, this is seldom the case. You can find specific kinds of dry dog foods that are made with better dental health in mind. In general, though, kibble has more refined carbohydrates. That can increase a dog’s tartar and plaque levels.

Wet Dog Food Also Has Its Problems

Dental health for dogs

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If kibble increases a dog’s tartar and plaque levels, what kind of food can you buy that does not have that effect? Wet food is usually brought up by vets as the other option if you don’t want to buy a dog dry food. Unfortunately, wet food that you buy in a can does not significantly impact a dog’s dental health in a positive way, either.

The reason is that dogs can more easily swallow wet food without as much chewing. If they’re not chewing as much, they are not scraping as much of the food residue off of their teeth. More of it has the tendency to accumulate there, which is why wet food is not much better than dry food if you are preoccupied with your dog’s dental health.

What’s the Solution, Then?

The solution to the problem is twofold. One way that you can solve it is to cook all of your dog’s food yourself. If you make them dinners like diced chicken and brown rice, not as much residue will be left on their teeth as will be present with either dry dog foods or canned ones.

However, most owners do not have the time or the energy to prepare fresh meals for their dogs. Instead, owners who are the most aware of their dog’s oral health usually buy them dental treats that help get the plaque and tartar off their teeth.

The other thing they can do is to brush the dog’s teeth periodically. Some dogs do not like this very much, but if you do it regularly, your pet should get used to it. This makes it likely they will not develop severe dental problems later in life, regardless of whether you feed them wet or dried food.

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