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Nutritional Challenges: Switching to a Hypoallergenic Formula

Switching to a Hypoallergenic Formula

Baby’s nutrition always demands some special attention and care. In some cases, when the baby has an allergic reaction to some products, it is important to pay attention to hypoallergenic formulas. So, how to choose the best HA formula for your baby? Let’s have a look.

How do you understand that you need to switch the formula to HA?

If your baby shows any signs of allergic reaction, you have to immediately consult your pediatrician. The doctor will help to establish the reason for the allergy and suggest a suitable kind of nutrition. One of the variants can be switching your nutrition to HA formula. It is important to keep in mind that you can’t diagnose the allergy yourself. There can be signs that can help to understand that the baby has some trouble. Among them are digestive symptoms like diarrhea, colic, or bloating; skin symptoms like hives or swelling; and respiratory symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. 

The benefits of HA formulas

Switching to a Hypoallergenic FormulaThere are a lot of variants, producers, and brands in the market of baby nutrition. The choice and selection can be endless. Nevertheless, parents have to pay attention to the best European hypoallergenic formula to provide their baby with optimal growth and development without digestive problems or allergies. So, what are the benefits of such a formula?

  1. Hypoallergenicity. The formula is produced specially for kids who are prone to allergic reactions. HA formulas contain protein, which is hydrolyzed into small parts, which makes them less allergic. 
  2. Development support. This kind of formula has the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for a baby’s optimal growth and development. 
  3. Certification. European brands constantly go through checks and certifications to prove the safety and effectiveness of the formula. If you see an organic seal on the formula package, you can be sure that it went through a long way to get to you because the ingredients for the HA formula have been selected with even more caution. 

What should you avoid in formulas?

Not only the selection of the formula is important, but also the ingredients in it. Some ingredients, besides milk protein, can cause a baby’s allergy. Ingredients to avoid in baby formula are:

  1. Cow milk. You have to avoid cow milk-based formulas when choosing a formula for the little one with an allergy because it is the most common reason for tummy and body disturbance. Instead, it is better to choose goat milk formula, HA formula, or plant-based formula. 
  2. Gluten. Some kids can have an allergy to gluten. That is why look for one without it in the composition. 
  3. Artificial colors and flavors. Artificial preservatives can cause allergic reactions or other negative consequences for the baby’s body. It is always better to avoid them. Organic formulas, in general, can become a great choice for you, as in most cases, they do not contain pesticides, chemicals, artificial preservatives, GMOs, or sugar. 


Switching to a hypoallergenic formula can be an important step for you as a parent whose baby has an allergic reaction to basic milk-based formulas. That is why watch and listen to your baby’s needs and states. And if you have noticed any signs of allergies, consult your pediatrician.

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