Makita 18V Multi Tool: Features And Advantages

Multitools are a worthwhile purchase for anyone who wants to do their own home. It is even more profitable for service workers who help to furnish other people’s homes.

Most quality work depends on the tool the craftsman uses. But what is the advantage of the Makita 18v multi tool over its counterparts, and why pay attention to it?

First impression

The Makita multi tool set has always been distinguished by its convenience and compactness. This is true of today’s tools. The first thing that catches your eye is the Makita 18v multi tool cordless. That makes it much more convenient and mobile than its corded counterparts. 

When you pick it up, you may be confused by its weight, which no longer seems so compact. However, as you work, your hands will get used to it and you will no longer feel it as heavy.

The grip is of medium size, which makes it comfortable for a wide variety of hand types. The tool also has a sturdy body, which protects the surrounding surfaces and the tool itself.


Like any Makita cordless multi tool, this tool has many features that offer the user a variety of possibilities:

  • Wide operating speed range
  • Optimal length
  • Low weight
  • Soft Start
  • Conveniently located on/off switch 
  • Improved dust/water resistance


Choosing power tools on finance is easy if you are familiar with Makita tools. This item can become your favorite Makita brushless multi tool and will serve you and your work faithfully. Of course, like any other tool, this one has its peculiarities that you have to get used to. However, they are not so critical and in the process of work become completely unnoticeable. If you are willing to spend some time getting to know the tool, you will get a faithful ally in your work.

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