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luxury pens

For many people, writing by hand is part of their daily routine. Those who write for passion, those who study, those who work with pen and paper, those who like to jot everything down in their diaries. In short, writing is more common than you might think, but it is impossible to think about doing it without a good ally: the pen. 

The choice of pen is very subjective, in any case there are still those who prefer the charm of a timeless luxury pen such as a waterman pen that can make the difference when it comes to personality and attention to detail. 

A luxury pen is definitely a symbol of class and style within which is encapsulated craftsmanship tradition, history and quality. Speaking of luxury, the pen that comes to mind is the fountain pen, the emblem par excellence of timeless elegance, a favorite object for those who want to assert their style without sacrificing quality.  But the world of luxury pens is vast and varied, from fountain pens to ballpoint pens to rollerballs: these objects, thanks to their different styles and versatility, know how to adapt perfectly to anyone’s taste. The different features are designed to meet any need, style and to make a mark on any occasion, whether it is a meeting, an important milestone or a special event. 

The choice to buy a luxury pen is not the preserve of writing enthusiasts or collectors only, but also of all people who love the style and charm of a priceless object that belongs to everyday life.

There are those who simply see in a fountain pen a sumptuous pen, and there are those, on the other hand, who see a masterpiece of aesthetics: a classic that never goes out of fashion, a perfect ally that is impossible to get bored with. There is no doubt that writing while having a style icon in your hands is a pleasure for the eyes, but also for the hands. The handling of this tool is exceptional: fluidity, precision and pleasantness, for pleasant writing without the need to exert pressure. 

luxury penThese prestige objects are one-of-a-kind, handcrafted by master artisans and perfect for any style due to their different facets and features. The most common mistake one can make is to consider these instruments as mere pens. Each pen has its own story, its own personality, its own concept that coincides with the character of the recipient who will have the pleasure of using it.

Visconti, a historic Florentine company, is among the leaders in the luxury pen industry. Visconti’s signature pens are an excellent example of expressing the concept of luxury and elegance, but also versatility. Every detail is studied and carefully thought out to call to mind an idea, a memory, a story. 

Among the different collections this brand boasts, Il Magnifico Green Marble, one of the latest releases that symbolizes strength and elegance, definitely stands out. With delicate and pale tones, this pen has a “historical” and classic style that celebrates the Florentine Renaissance and its figure par excellence: Lorenzo dei Medici.  Attention to detail and style are enclosed within an octagonal shape that recalls the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist. 

For those who prefer a contemporary, minimal style, however, the Divina Matte collection is ideal. Wrapped in a matte black dress that covers it with a halo of mystery, the pen stands out for the essentiality of its lines that create a spiral shape. 

For those who want to make a difference in style, enhancing femininity through refined and elegant shapes, Visconti, with architect Marta Sansoni, has created the Cage collection: excellent for those who seek the pleasure of the eyes and writing. A piece of jewelry that combines the worlds of writing and goldsmithing. 

Visconti makes no exceptions; she thinks of everyone and expresses her creativity by creating collections that certainly do not go unnoticed.

One example is the Casa Batlló collection, a true work of art enclosed in a pen that pays homage to modernism and its greatest exponent: Antoni Gaudi. The world-famous Casa Battló lives again in this pen that goes beyond the logic of classic writing instruments to create an object outside the box, perfect for those with an exuberant personality but who do not miss an opportunity to demonstrate style and class.

Elegance and luxury manifest themselves in different forms and ways, and the collections just described are a prime example. However, despite the many facets, Visconti remains a certainty: no matter what style you choose, a Visconti signature pen will still be associated with luxury, elegance, sophistication and character.

Each pen, just like each of us, has its own personality, its own story. It is up to you to choose which one best suits yours.

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