How to Turn Your Camping Into Glamping

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Today we want to show you how to turn you camping into glamping. Camping can be a wonderful experience. Tents can allow you to visit and take in locations that cars can’t reach. Plus, the feeling of being at one with nature is hard to beat. But living simply is a daunting prospect for some. There’s always glamping though: a form of camping where you can charge your phone, enjoy running water and a flushable loo! But how exactly do you transform camping into something glamorous?

Turn Your Camping Into Glamping

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A bathroom and shower

The campsite you visit can make a big difference. It can boost your experience if you pick out a campsite that offers bathroom and shower facilities. Just research the provider and the site beforehand to discover the amenities on offer.

A hot tub if you’re lucky

Another potential perk of the campsite is a hot tub. It can take your glamping to the next level by experiencing some scenic natural views all from the warm convenience of a hot tub. Again, when booking your campsite take a look at all the options and see if there’s a hot tub on site to add that touch of comfort to your holiday.

The right tools

Of course, if you don’t want your camping excursion to become a lot more difficult, you should ensure that you bring with you some of the vital wilderness tools that are going to help you have a much easier time settling in the wild. Affordable survival knives can be one of the most versatile tools, able to cut through rope, and fabric, help with fishing, and more. Consider the other tools that can make camping much easier than it would otherwise be.

Your own electricity for lights, charges, laptops

Electricity can make everything much more comfortable. You’ll be able to recharge your phone and other electronics, plus you’ll have the energy to power some ambient lights around your tent. And if you’re unsure about the weather you can even use it to power a heater or fan. The way to achieve this is by bringing a generator to provide electricity and inject some added glam to your trip.

A bed that’s not a blow up

Turn Your Camping Into Glamping

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels

Sleeping in a cold, dark, uncomfortable bed can put many people off camping, but there are ways of making this more luxurious. Try bringing a bed that isn’t a blow up one. If possible, a futon bed could be an option. They’re slightly more portable than a heavy mattress and will allow you to rest comfortably.


Duvets instead of sleeping bags

Bringing comfortable bedding can make a difference too. Sleeping bags can sometimes feel restrictive and tight. But by packing duvets and blankets, you can sleep in a more familiar style.

Gourmet meals

Eating well make all the difference too! Bring a multi-burner stove to ensure that you can cook a variety of different meals. Plus, you can research some good camping recipes in advance and bring the right ingredients to create some delicious meals.

Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and painful. By following the above advice, you can turn camping into a glamorous and relaxing holiday. Just be sure to find the right campsite to cater to your needs.

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