How to Remove Unwanted Smells in Your House

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How to remove unwanted smells in your house. Scent events are pretty standard in our houses. For example, a sudden spritz of perfume or the smell of the food you’re cooking, these scent events can happen suddenly and don’t need to be paid attention to as they will dissipate soon enough. However, malodors, which have sour and pungent smells like mold, can last longer and be dangerous to your health.

These odors tend to develop over time and can be very noticeable once there are enough particles around the house. But at the same time, it can also be quite hard to notice them if you leave them be. How? When we leave these odors unattended, our sense of smell gradually becomes fond of them and treats them as white noise. When they become white noise for your sense of smell, our brains ignore them, which is terrible news. Before this happens, you might want to get rid of them right now. Here’s how.

Fight the Source

When you’re stuck with a foul odor, the first thing that you should do is tackle the root of the problem itself. When you’ve found the source of the smell, there are several ways of taking care of it. But first, let’s do a quick enumeration of the five categories of cleaning agents that we can use to solve the problem at hand.

The five categories are surfactants, corrosive agents, oxidizers, solvents, and enzymatic cleaners. If you want to remove the smell and the stain, you can use surfactants since they are adept at eliminating both. On the other hand, enzymatic cleaners are specially-engineered blends that attack specific types of smells and stains. These two are the most effective and can be found in most stores.

However, in some cases involving food spills and pet accidents, bacteria might most likely be feeding off the incident. And with those bacteria comes smell, which is a terrible combination. In this situation, you must find a cleaner that can also disinfect the smell, and a great pick would be an enzymatic cleaner. After that, the rest of the job is easy.

However, if the smell persists, you might just want to get rid of the offending material causing the smell soon or mask the scent. There are a lot of products in the market that can help you mask the scent. Whether it be with a brand of scent masker from, say, England or scented candles Australia, you have a lot of choices when it comes to masking foul odors.

Dust the Offending Room Regularly

Dusting is the right solution to make your room smell as fresh as possible. Dust is a combination of both outdoor and indoor particles, consisting of dead skin, pollen, pet dander, insect droppings, etc. While dust is not a problem, the particles might trigger an allergic reaction. And even if you’re not allergic, dusting should still be a priority. Dusting your room will make you breathe easier while preventing your room from smelling musty.

Of course, when dusting, there are prominent places that you have to clean first, like the top of shelves, tables, blinds, ceiling fans, tops of doors and windows, light fixtures, etc. And once you’re finished with those places, move to every nook and cranny of your room. And finally, dust off your floor.

It’s where most of the dust lands after you dust off from high places. If you have a carpeted room, it might take more effort. You have to take specific steps when cleaning the carpet, which deserves another article of its own. Or, if you have the money, why not take it to a professional carpet cleaner?

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Open Your Windows as Much as Possible

For the most part, some people only open their windows either when it’s hot or when cleaning. Also, some people believe that the air outside is full of pollutants, and constantly having your windows closed can protect you from these substances. While they may be justified because of the pollutants, the air outside is much healthier than the air you have inside your home, especially if you live in the countryside, far from the city.

While they may be justified because of the pollutants, the air outside is much healthier than the air you have inside your home, most especially if you live in the countryside, where it’s far from the city. That said, by opening your windows, you are letting fresh air break off the stagnant air inside your house and other odor you may have. Of course, if you’re allergic to the pollutant that the outside air commonly has, you may have to close your windows entirely, especially in the spring season.

But if you’re not, letting in the fresh air as much as possible into your house is a great decision. However, you might want to check the day’s air quality report before you do that. This will give you a good insight when deciding whether to keep your windows open or closed for the day.

Final Words

There are a lot of scents and odors inside our house. While some don’t last long, some of them can linger for a long time and can even harm your health. By following the tips above, your nose will be safe from these odors, and you’ll be keeping your house smell fresh constantly.

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