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How to Handle Being a College Graduate


Handle being a college graduate? The question that leaves me wondering whether or not being a college graduate has been a relief. However, I knew the moment I handed in my last assignment I was overjoyed. The only thing left for me to do is to get my diploma.

Now, I finally can say that I am college graduate. 

So now what?

Recently I have been asking myself if I am relieved as well as ready to start this new chapter in my life. Although, my answer is still unclear I know I’m not the only one that feels the same exact emotions. There is a saying that I recently have been reflecting on. I am sure all have heard, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”  I think facing the reality of graduating college scares a lot of students but why is that?

Personally speaking

I have to say, I had a good four years at college and now that it is all over it hasn’t really sunk in. Then the real world starts to set in. That can either be exciting and or scary for many, including myself. There has been things I’ve realized now being a college graduate. I know to some college graduates it can seem like an end of an era but it is the start of a new chapter. The journey after college is all in your hands. There are many opportunities and life lessons. There are some ways in order to handle being a college graduate along with the emotions. Mental Health America

Life Lessons

College Graduate

One may ask what are these life lessons that we learn for ourselves as we grow up. A thing I have learned throughout my college experience as well as being a graduate is that working hard really does pay off. No matter how much I felt like giving up there was some sort of voice in my head telling me to keep going. If it wasn’t for some of my professors who have motivated me, I would have not known what to do. While being a college graduate has really made me see life in a whole different light. There has been things that I have still been figuring out along the way.  In fact I thought it would be helpful to pay someone to do my homework online because at some point it would definitely help me achieve my curriculum goals.

So, you are a college graduate and now the next step is for you to get a job. Well my advice for all is not to be alarmed. Focus on what you want to do and make it happen. Also, having goals for yourself is not any all a bad thing. I believe it keeps one motivated. Opportunities will come and go, that is why you need to grab onto every chance you get. You may not get a second chance.


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