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Doria Adoukè and the Importance of Diverse Gifts

Today we want to talk about Doria Adoukè and the importance of diverse gifts.  Our world is changing before our eyes and though we are stepping in the right direction there are still many things that need to change. Diverse gifts are something that you may never have thought about depending on who you are, but they are something that is becoming more significant for minorities in particular.

Why Are People Frustrated By Not Being Represented In Gift Stores?

the Importance of Diverse GiftsA lot of people have grown more and more frustrated at the non-representation of minorities within gift stores. This is beyond frustrating for many because different races are still being viewed as more sought after, therefore creating a sense of rejection for others. This is even worse for a child as children’s brains are growing and these are key learning stages, by seeing no dolls and toys of their skin color they will start to see one skin tone as better than the others. It is not fair that mostly white gifts are making it onto the shelf and diverse gifts are possibly more important than you think.

Why are diverse gifts important?

Diverse gifts are a huge part of your upbringing and how you later view the world and yourself. During the 1900s, and only in recent years has it really changed overall, toys, in particular, would lean towards a certain look. This was the white skin and blue eyes that were featured on millions of dolls such as Barbies. Luckily now barbies and other children’s toys have become more diverse, such as barbies with hijabs. This is vital for children growing up because it is someone for them to look up to and to see themselves in. It is shown in multiple studies that the models shown to children during their upbringing have a huge effect on them. By adding diverse gifts, we can look towards a diverse and compassionate future, and eventually equality.

How Are People Changing The Gift Industry?the Importance of Diverse Gifts

Many people of all ethnicities and backgrounds are coming together to create gifts that empower one another and show that you are not worth any less because of your skin tone. This is a great step forward and it is one that will change the upbringing and futures of many, many people. Doria Adoukè is a French illustrator that has made artwork that is based on empowering people’s bodies and skin tones. Being the only black person in her class in France, she was brought up in a mono-cultural environment. She now works towards creating this environment for others through her art that shows the diversity that we all need to see. She creates artwork in multiple forms including illustrated prints. These prints showcase women in their multi-cultural background and each print is empowering in a strong way. She also wanted to help join others together to celebrate black women and showcased it in her 2021 African American Calendar that is filled with beautiful illustrations that will catch your eye.

Diverse gift shops are improving but we still have a long road ahead of us.

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Images provided by Doria Adoukè Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

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