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Cannadips: A new Portal to CBD Wellness


Cannadips: A new portal to CBD wellness

If you fancy some hemp goodness without the harshness of smoking or the sugar in edibles, Cannadips is a modern alternative for you. Cannadips, a Boldt Runners product, is designed to offer a full nicotine-free, hemp-based dip that can be used discreetly for all your wellness-related needs. Since Cannadips are a new addition to the already huge roster of hemp products, let us understand what these products are and which are the ones you should be trying out first. Let’s get started.

The basics of Cannadips

Cannadips are simply water double hemp extract packed in a pouch form that can be placed in the mouth for consumption. These pouches are made with coconut fiber which makes consumption quite easy. All you will need to do is pop one of these wonderful pouches between your gum and cheek. Continue swallowing the extracts until the pouch is empty. Now you can throw it away and toss out the empty pouch. Dispose responsibly.

Our favorite Cannadips 

You will be spoilt with choices when it comes to choosing the right Cannadip variant. Offering a ton of flavor choices, each option is designed to replicate a certain taste. After trying a few, here are our top favorites from the bunch. 

Cannadips Natural Mint

Enrich your senses with a fresh mint taste with these Cannadips These CBD pouches will offer you a complete winter-like flavor that will offer a soothing, minty sensation when using. Each pack comes with 15 pieces of this amazing product with a total potency of 150 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Plus, the product is also nicotine free which gives you the complete spread of CBD benefits.

Cannadips Ripper Delta 8 Pouches: Orange Creamsicle

For those looking for a strong euphoric kick, Dr Ganja presents Cannadips from the Ripper range. This full spectrum product features a total delta 8 potency of 750 mg. Each tin will offer you 15 pieces of delta 8 pouches. Placing the pouch in your mouth will overflow your senses with a creamy and treaty flavor that is much reminiscent of an orange-flavored ice cream. The aftertaste is quite citric and tangy, which makes this a very refreshing experience.

Cannadips 5x CBD Pouches: Rebel Red Apple

Another pure CBD pouch on this list, this broad-spectrum product comes with 750 mg of total potency. Each serving, therefore, has 50 mg of pure CBD isolate for the maximum benefits. Consuming this wonderful product will offer five times the regular CBD dose of other products and therefore can afford you the maximum wellness. Each pouch in your mouth will feel like biting into a red, ripe, and juicy apple with a slight tangy twist. The aftertaste is sweet which culminates with the effects manifesting.

Cannadips Ripper Delta 8 Pouches: Sour Gummy Bear

Another feature on this list for the Rippers lineup, the Sour Gummy Bear Delta 8 Cannadips are your perfect fix for a relaxing high. Made with the finest delta 8 distillates, this full spectrum product boasts a very high potency of 750 mg per pack. Each tin will offer you 15 servings so each of these lovely delta 8 pouches will have 50 mg delta 8. Placing the pouch in your mouth will offer a very candy-like flavor like munching on your favorite gummies. There is also a sour aftertaste that many find fascinating, plus it also helps to mask the harsh taste of hemp.

Cannadips Go Fuel CBG pouches: Charge up Mango

For those looking for a fix for their regular CBG wellness needs, this product from the Go Fuel lineup should be on your watchlist. Made with the purest and finest CBG isolate, this product will offer a total potency of 150 mg per pack. This comes in a sealed tin pack and each will have 15 CBG pouches ready for consumption. As for the taste, the pouches will surely remind you of a tropical ripe mango on a warm summer day. Quite the tangy taste that leaves behind a very sweet and fruity aftertaste.

These were some of the most amazing products from the Cannadips lineup that are sure to make you fall in love with these hemp pouches. Infused with the goodness of CBD, Delta 8 and even CBG, these products are designed, keeping the wellness needs of the users in mind. Try out from the list above or browse through the plethora of other choices that were not mentioned on this list. You are sure to find your fix of daily hemp wellness.

How to consume Cannadips?

Cannadips are quite easy to use and these can be consumed straight out of the tin without any preparation. Here is how to effectively dose with Cannadips.

  • Take out a pouch from the tin, place it between your cheek and gums, and start to swallow the extracts.
  • The hemp blend will soon start to release and get swallowed along with the saliva. 
  • Wait for the pouch to be empty before throwing it off. 
  • The effects can take up to an hour to fully manifest, so be patient. Do not overconsume.
  • Redose as required.

It is very important to note that you do not need to chew the product. This is because chewing or pressing the pouch with your teeth will cause the contents to spill in the mouth and the flavors can be overbearing, leading to an uncomfortable experience. Take your time relishing the product and its effects.

Cannadips have truly become iconic for their direct cannabinoid delivery and discreet method of consumption. Filled with the goodness of different cannabinoids, you are free to choose your blend, flavor, and potency. From the euphoric effects of Delta 8 to the calming effects of CBD, find every blend for your wellness needs. And being precisely doses, these pouches are the perfect option for those who are on a strict dose. 

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