Can You Create Your Own Essential Oil Blends?

Can you create your own essential oil blends? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes in life. The same applies when it comes to essential oils. Some people like citrus and flowery fragrances while others prefer wood and natural scents. If you are someone that considers the aroma of essential oils, you may be wondering whether you are able to combine them together and create your own blends. Let’s find out the answer.

Can You Combine Essential Oils?

Yes, you are able to create your own essential oil blends by mixing different substances together. For instance, if you like natural scents, you might combine frankincense, cedarwood and pine. Alternatively, if you like citrus fragrances, you could experiment with lemon, orange and bergamot.

But, does this mean that all essential oils should be blended with others? No, this is not always going to be true. Some scents are quite strong and they are suited to being the only oil in a diffuser. There are some fragrances that can complement each other and there are some that do not. You have to be careful what essential oils you put in your blend too when it comes to their purpose. For instance, imagine you want to create a relaxing essential oil blend for bedtime. It would make sense to use lavender since this is said to have calming properties. But, it would not be ideal to combine this with lemongrass or grapefruit since they are said to boost your energy.

Therefore, you should do some research before trying to create your own essential oil blend. This is going to ensure that you get a lovely scent that you enjoy, as well as take advantage of the supposed benefits of those oils. You can check out Smellacloud for some springtime scents and blend ideas at This is going to provide a starting point and give you some inspiration for your own blends. It can also save you money on purchasing pre-made blends too since you can combine some oils that you already have. In addition, here are some more useful tips.

Keep Things Simple

Discovering you can combine different essential oils and create your own blend is exciting. You will want to get started straight away and make your own unique concoction. But, make sure that you do not overcomplicate things or waste the essential oils. Keep things simple to begin with until you find a blend you like. You can also do your research online and see if there are any blends that people favour more than others.

In addition, it is easier to use single essential oils to begin with rather than aromatherapy products. In other words, purchase things like 100 per cent lavender, lemon and orange for making your own combination. This is instead of products that already contain several essential oils. You will find this easier to work with.

Think About Its Purpose

There is no doubt that essential oils can make your home smell lovely. The fragrance you can enjoy from an essential oil diffuser is better than any room mist or candle you can buy. But remember that essential oils are more than just something that smells good. They are also for aromatherapy and can have a range of benefits you can enjoy. This is something that you should keep in mind when you are combining them.

Note Down Your Favourites

If you have created your own blends from scratch and they are a hit, make sure that you write them down and take a note of what you have used. This includes the essential oils, as well as how many drops you have used. When you do this, you are going to have a record that you can go back to and create it again. The last thing you want is to combine a few essential oils and not be able to recreate the concoction when you enjoy it. Therefore, keep a notebook and you can write down all of your favourite essential oil combinations for later on or for sharing with your friends.


Consider the Notes

When you are combining essential oils, you will need to think about the notes. For instance, there are certain oils that are called top notes. These are ones that are going to evaporate first and this can be within two hours. This includes orange, lavender and lemongrass. Then, there are some that are base notes, which means the scent will last longer. For instance, this can include ginger, cedarwood and frankincense.

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