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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work from Home

Reasons You Shouldn't Work from Home

Today we want to share 5 reasons you shouldn’t work from home. More people than ever are choosing to work at least one day a week from the comfort of home. But is it really that comfy, and should you do it? There are obvious benefits to this, such as greater flexibility. But there are also quite a few reasons you shouldn’t work from home.

Health and Safety Liability

When you check in at work, whether it’s the office, restaurant, or factory floor, there are multiple safety policies in place. With this in mind, there is also the issue of liability, which is covered by your employer if anything happens, such as tripping over a wire that was negligently left on the floor. But you can’t call a reputable slip and fall lawyer like Zanes Law if you trip over a wire at home because it is your fault, and you may not have the same time off work entitlement either.

Challenging Communication and Teamwork

You can use all the collaboration tools you want when working from home, but there is no substitute for coordinated teamwork in the office. Office teamwork allows you to read and bounce off each other, which in many instances, is where the magic happens. It simply isn’t the same when sitting behind your screen at home or even chiming in on a video or voice call. There are also serious social concerns about staying away from the office space for too long.

You Shouldn’t Work from Home To Do More

Being productive is a great thing, and working at home allows you to fill any gaps while away from the office. But you shouldn’t make the mistake of arriving home from work and then working more while you are at home. This will end up being counterproductive because you experience burnout, which is already at alarmingly high rates of 89%, according to a recent survey by Zippia. Your home office should be to supplement work productivity, not hamper it.

There are Distractions Everywhere

A typical home is full of the things you love. Because of this, working from your home environment isn’t the best idea if you are the type to procrastinate. This is why an office is designed the way it is; it helps you to be more productive without distractions. At home, you have the TV, your phone probably not on silent, and of course, access to the entire web. It is a good idea to work gradually from home, beginning with one or two hours and going from there.

A Poor Office Environment

Reasons You Shouldn't Work from HomeWhen you work at an office, it is designed in a specific way for productivity and safety. You may not even notice, but there is maximum natural light, cable management, and ergonomic furniture. These are all meant to keep you from becoming hurt when doing your job. And they are expensive to maintain. At home, you may not have such an environment, and some people work on the couch or at the dining table at home. And both of these will cause severe RSI.


You shouldn’t work from home because it is simply unsafe. There is no liability when you are injured at home, you risk burnout, and your home workspace may not be suitable for doing so.

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