Bicycle, Bicycle! 10 Must-Have Bike Accessories for Summer

Cycling has become a popular pastime once again. Among young adults, the number of cyclers for transportation is around four million.  If you’re a cyclist, you know how much easier bike accessories can make your life. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but they are also helpful.  Here are10 must have bike accessories to make cycling better for you this summer. 

Cool Bike Accessories for Cyclists 

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We’re in the golden age of accessorizing with fun, unique gadgets and now you can now upgrade from bike baskets and reflectors to these cool add-ons.

  1. Commuting Backpack 

Do you know someone who commutes using their bicycle? Do they often complain about the storage options of their bike? A commuter backpack is a great gift for cyclists. 

Weather-proof backpacks that aren’t heavy are essential to anyone who cycles often. They want to keep their important files and items in it without the risk of rain or losing them. They’re sleek and perfect for anyone on the go. 

  1. Smart Device for Cyclists 

Are you always looking for cool gadget gifts for guys? Sometimes, gadgets with a wow-factor are elusive. But, one of the best gifts you can get right now are smart devices. 

SmartHalo is the smart device all cyclists need. It keeps track of all miles put in, and even acts as a GPS using the connection to your phone. Use it as a light, calorie counter, or even as an alarm to keep your bike safe. 

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  1. Tail Lights 

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We all learned the turning signals that we’re supposed to use with our hands when biking. But if you’re not very good at cycling with only one hand, this can get tricky. What if you didn’t have to try and remember those signals anymore? 

Upgrade your ride by installing turn signal tail lights on your bike and if you’ve brought an electric bike, then you can really enjoy some strong tail lights that look like actual car lights! Why should car owners be the only ones able to signal without their hands? 

  1. Phone Mount 

Using the phone while cycling is dangerous too, even if you’re only risking your own life. But, when commuting or in new territory, having your phone is a good thing. 

That’s why a phone mount is essential. Install it on your handlebars and never be without GPS again. 

  1. Drink Holder 

hudson123 / Pixabay

As a commuter, it can be a hassle to not have a place for your travel mug of morning coffee. 

But, with a drink holder on the handlebars, you no longer have to worry. Cup holders are easy to install on your bike, and they can hold bottles as well mugs.

More Accessories  

There’s no end to the useful, cool bike accessories you can find online. Anything from practical to weird, you can dress your bike up as much as you want. 

Once you find the perfect accessories for your bike, it’s time to work on yourself. Here are some of the best street style fashion ideas to match your commuter lifestyle. 

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