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6 Ways to Identify a Good Marijuana Dispensary

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Today we want to share 6 ways to identify a good marijuana dispensary. Many people new to the idea of fully legal recreational marijuana may find they have no clue what to look for in a marijuana dispensary. It can help you feel a little better to know that even people with years of deep marijuana knowledge may find they don’t fully understand what to look for in a dispensary.

After all, for many of the places that legalized recreational marijuana over the last few years, a weed dispensary is still something new. But what makes a good dispensary? And is there such a thing as a bad one? Here’s what discerning marijuana newbies and enthusiasts alike should look when you want to identify a good marijuana Dispensary

1. Good Products, Selections, and Prices

The place can have a great vibe, a wonderful atmosphere, and staff that treat you like family. However, if the product they serve you isn’t what you want or seems subpar, then no amount of atmosphere can make up for that. The quality of the product matters a great deal more than the aesthetics of the dispensary.

To that end, a major sign of a good dispensary is the quality of its wares. Not just quantity, but variety too. There’s a whole lot more to marijuana, THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and hemp products than many people realize. And for each of those things, quality matters.

Price matters as well. A good dispensary will have a variety of products that can work for the big spenders as well as those on a budget. No matter which of those camps you fall into, you’ll know the dispensary takes its services seriously if it has an adequate spread of choice and price.

Identify a Good Marijuana Dispensary

2. Transparency

A good dispensary will not hide the source of its products. In fact, those in the trade take a great deal of pride in where their plants, products, and paraphernalia come from. Transparency is important because marijuana and marijuana-derived products can vary widely and wildly. The plants can come from different farms. The products can come from different labs.

Not all these other parties in the trade work the same way, which means they don’t all follow certain standards. Nevertheless, many in this industry do follow excellent preparation, health, safety, and inspection standards. You’ll want a dispensary that sources its products from reputable vendors. The dispensary itself should have the same reputation, especially if it sells products under its own name.

3. Knowledgeable Staff

Flowering Cannabis Plants with Thick Leaves at Indoor Marijuana FarmImagine asking a question at a marijuana dispensary, and no one knows the answer. A lot of science and classification goes into marijuana cultivation. Different strains can have entirely different effects. On top of that, tons of marijuana products exist. If you’re in a dispensary looking lost, and can’t find legitimate help, then that’s a dispensary you should probably avoid.

4. A Good Reputation

In the internet age, people talk. If someone has a good, bad, or even neutral experience at a dispensary, odds are that person has said something on social media, wrote a blog post about it, or left an official review somewhere. Multiply that with many more people and you should see that there’s no reason you shouldn’t find something about a particular dispensary online.

When an establishment has a good reputation, it’s known. That reputation can help you make a more informed choice about choosing a dispensary. Although an online reputation isn’t everything, it’s still a good start. Even better if people you know or people in your community have something good to say about the place.

5. Welcoming Atmosphere

True, the atmosphere isn’t everything, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. When you walk through the door, you don’t want to feel awkward. You don’t want to feel unsafe. And you certainly don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

You might experience some or all those feelings, but make sure that’s not just you feeling a little anxious about stepping into a place that sells recreational marijuana. Nevertheless, if the dispensary itself makes you feel uneasy because it’s in a terrible location, lacks security, or the staff looks completely disinterested, then you should certainly seek your marijuana products elsewhere.

Identify a Good Marijuana Dispensary


6. Convenient Location

Location doesn’t exactly make a dispensary a good one, but it might make a dispensary an excellent one for you personally. If you don’t have to travel too far and the dispensary provides good service, then it all works in your favor.

You shouldn’t have to go halfway across the state to find an excellent weed dispensary in Illinois. If other factors point to the dispensary being a good one, and it’s closer to home, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

In the end, just take your time and try some places out. You don’t have to find your one true dispensary immediately or on the first try. Where legal for recreational use, dispensaries and other marijuana businesses want your business. So, you should expect to find some truly nice marijuana dispensaries out there. Enjoy the journey.

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