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6 Tricks To Jump-start Your Morning Routine

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Today we want to explain 6 tricks to jump-start your morning routine. How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning? Go ahead, we won’t judge. Many people hit the snooze, grab a few more minutes of sleep and find themselves rushing to make up for lost time. You may even have good intentions of waking up and getting things done, like that morning workout, but the snooze button is too hard to resist. 

The truth is that it is easy to get stuck in a rut, and it takes practice and tricks to get ourselves motivated every day. This includes finding ways to look forward to our morning routine, because after all, no matter what the day looks like, it all starts when you first open your eyes. 

The following tips can help you find the motivation you need to get going and have the best day possible. 

  1. Skip Your Phone for an Hour

Most people grab the phone before they even get out of bed. This can quickly pull you into emails, social media, text and other distractions. Instead of giving in, try to avoid looking at your phone and similar devices for at least one hour after you wake up. 

Make a commitment to get your morning routine well underway before you check out your phone, computer or other mobile device. So take your shower, have some coffee or tea and grab a bite first. This gets you ready for the day and will help you stay off the phone. 

And if you happen to use your phone as an alarm clock, consider a retro option — the alarm clock! You can pick up old school alarm clocks from Amazon so that you’re not tempted to play with your phone when you click snooze. You may even like how that analog clock looks sitting next to the bed.  

  1. Try Meditation
jump-start your morning routine

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Okay, we know there are  connotations around the word “meditate,” which is why many people shy away from trying it. It is, after all, hard to clear your mind or sit quietly and think of nothing. 

But, meditation comes in many forms, not just sitting cross-legged and humming. Meditation can be your morning jog or yoga routine. It could be reading daily devotional or motivational statements to help you set your mind for the day. It can also be sitting quietly with your preferred morning beverage, watching birds outside the window. You may even want to spend a few minutes putting your thoughts into a journal as well. Give this a try: Write one to two pages of any thought that comes to mind. Don’t think about the things you’re writing, just jot it down and move on.

Find something that is appealing, and do it for 30 minutes at the start of each day.  

  1. Step up Your Morning Oral Care Routine

You know you have to do it, so you might as well enjoy it! An easy way to do this is to gift yourself with some luxury oral care products that feel more like a treat than a job. These can make your bathroom feel more like a spa, and your oral care routine feel luxurious. Not only will you look forward to taking care of your teeth, your teeth and gums will benefit. 

You’ll be happier every morning  and your smile will be brighter, this is an easy win-win. 

  1. Practice Gratitude Daily

It is easy to feel like you’re stuck in a rut when you wake up, especially if you check your phone and see anything negative. This can hurt your mindset for the entire day. Instead of giving in, practice gratitude every morning. Research actually supports this, strongly suggesting that people that practice gratitude tend to be happier and suffer less from depression. 

How can you do this every day? A group of researchers from Indiana University found that the simple act of writing gratitude letters every day actually reduced stress and negative emotions for students. You don’t have to send them, just write them. 

You don’t have to be formal when you’re doing this. Just make a mental list of 5 to 10 people you would like to wish well. This can be your favorite people, but try including someone that annoys you even. Mentally wish them well and see how your own mindset changes in the process. 

  1. Don’t Forget About Breakfast & Hydration
jump-start your morning routine

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels

If you slept a full 8 hours, your body has had no water or food for quite a while. So do your body a favor and start out by drinking a full glass of water. If you love your morning cup of java, drink water while it is brewing. Not only is this good for your skin, studies by Medical News Today say that it’s good for digestion and your brain function as well.

You’ll also want to give yourself some healthy fuel in the form of breakfast. Bypass sugary cereals or pastries in favor of healthy options like oatmeal, yogurt, egg whites or fruit. If you’re not a morning person, you should plan your breakfast ahead of time. This makes eating breakfast easy and gives you something to look forward to every morning.

  1. Always Make Your Bed

Your mom probably told you this was important and she was right. Even though making your bed does take a few minutes out of your morning routine, it is still a good idea, but why? 

One reason is that it feels good, mentally speaking, to check something off your list for the day. Even if it is a small accomplishment, it is still an accomplishment. This can improve your mindset. And of course, it gives you something nice to look forward to at night as well. After all, who doesn’t prefer to jump into a nicely made bed every night? 

In the book, “The Power of Habit” it says that by simply making your bed you kick-start a chain of positive decision making that lasts all day long. And since it takes just a couple minutes to do, it is well worth the effort. 

Planning Leads to Success

As with many things in life, planning ahead is the key to success. This is no different, so give a little thought to how you can set yourself up for the best day possible. Give yourself a few minutes at night before you sleep to think about the next morning. What do you want to wear? What will you do when you first get up? Is there something you want to read with your morning coffee?

Then set your alarm clock before bed and if possible, put your phone on airplane mode. This may not be possible for work or family reasons, but if you can, give it a try. Then, give yourself 20 to 30 minutes of time to unwind. You may want to meditate, get your morning ritual set up before you turn in or even lay out your clothes. 

Taking these steps before bed makes getting out of bed just a bit easier so you can enjoy your day. And when you remember to make your bed, you’ll give yourself a better night — it’s a win-win situation!

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