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5 fun Things you can do With Bitcoin Right Now


The main cryptocurrency used and the most well known, Bitcoin, is now used for more fun activities than you could ever have imagined a few short years ago. The cryptocurrencies as we knew them have grown and developed and now, Bitcoin especially, can be used in so many new and different ways. This article looks at the main fun uses of Bitcoin and details how these have changed and grown in variety over the last decade.

Book flights

You may have to use more niche booking sites, but there is still a huge opportunity to be able to book flights to some of the best holiday destinations in the world using cryptocurrencies. In fact, there are over 600 airlines that will accept Bitcoin and altcoins, so you could fly pretty much anywhere—or simply hire a private jet to travel. One of the best fun flights that may soon be possible to book is a private flight to the moon on Virgin Galactic, who have already noted their acceptance of Bitcoin.

Buy luxury vehicles


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One of the best ways to buy a luxury vehicle is to use Bitcoin. Tesla is one of those manufacturers who have made buying with Bitcoin as simple as possible, and arguably started the trend towards using cryptocurrency to buy high-end, expensive vehicles; resulting in other dealerships and car manufacturers beginning to follow. The value of Bitcoin makes it possible to buy the most expensive of vehicles using simple online transfers that are secure, anonymous, and safe.

Play at the online casino

Being able to play at some of the best online casinos is now a genuine possibility for those with Bitcoin. The online casino sector has boomed in recent times and one of the most significant changes has been for some of the more progressive casinos, such as, to allow payments and bets to be made in Bitcoin.

Buy event tickets

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Concerts, events, and festivals have made a serious comeback after the recent pandemic, and one of the most substantial changes has been the fact that you can now pay with crypto for most concerts and events that are hosted by the big, well-known organizers out there.

Buy media and entertainment subscriptions

The fact that crypto is an immediate form of payment has led to its use for pay-as-you-go television and entertainment content. Payments are thus automatically generated in real time, every time video content is viewed or accessed. There is thus no time spent by the broadcaster to track down or manage these payments. Sling TV was one of the early adopters, and once other providers saw how easy it was to implement a bit pay system many have since followed suit.

Bitcoin has gone mainstream, and with more than 25 million Bitcoin owners and over 180 users worldwide, it has been important for businesses to begin to target this wealth and allow the use of Bitcoin. Fun and entertainment have been one of the main aspects that have been promoted as a means to use Bitcoin to fund lavish lifestyles, and generally, it is luxury items and high-end products and experiences that can now be purchased with Bitcoin.

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