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5 Amazing Ideas for Your Next Picnic

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Today we want to share some cool picnic ideas. It’s summer time.  Schools out, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and it’s time to plan an awesome picnic. Everyone loves picnics.  Mothers, fathers, grand parents, friends, co-workers and of course children.  Picnics are usually accompanies by lot’s of fun, games, activities and lasting memories.  Right now there’s no better time to highlight 5 amazing ideas for you next picnic.  Are you ready?

Pool Party Picnic

Who doesn’t like a summer time pool picnic?  Depending on where you live, most of us experience some pretty hot afternoons during the summer.  What better way to stay cool, have a lot of fun and enjoy some great backyard finger foods and snakes.

Fun Ideas: Water games of course.  You can have swimming races and provide inexpensive medals to all of the winners.  You can play other fun games such as Marco Polo, water volleyball, swim through rings or squirt gun races.

Food ideas:  While the pool might be the main focal point of the day, your going to have a lot of hungry mouths to feed after expending tons of energy playing games and having fun all day.  Children (and yes even us adults) love finger foods, snacks and cool drinks to keep us hydrated which equal loads of food ideas.  Try fresh watermelon sticks, veggie dip cups, rice crispy treats, little bbq smokies with tooth picks, frozen rainbow smoothie pops and of course some fresh squeezed lemonade and plenty of ice water.

Perfect Island Beach Picnic

How many of you think that a summer picnic is perfect for relaxing on the beach?  We certainly do and to help you create a memorable day, we’re going to suggest a few pretty awesome ideas for your next picnic.

Fun Ideas:  If you are with a “significant other” here are a few romantic ideas that could also be fun.  Since your going to be on the beach, don’t forget your blanket.  If it’s an evening picnic, a pair of scented candles adds a sensual and visual element to your picnic.   If your on an afternoon beach picnic, a large sun umbrella will help block the sun and trade winds if they are present.

Food ideas:  Bringing food for a beach picnic is easier than you might think.  No need for fully prepared meals that would go cold if not eaten right away.  Instead opt for your favorite cheeses, crackers, fruit, club  sandwiches or baguette, and lemon bars or brownies for a sweet dessert that won’t require a huge cleanup.   If you are so inclined, you may also bring your favorite bottle of wine.  Just don’t forget the glasses, lighter for the candles and a super cold cooler for the food items that require it.

Scenic Country Picnic

Whether you live in the city, suburb or small community, everyone should take at least one day this summer to enjoy a really awesome country picnic.  When you talk about picnic food you want quick and easy recipes that will get done in no time. If you are having a romantic dinner with your spouse or loved one, here is an easy dinner idea for two. Hop online and find out where the closest state park is or where there might be waterfalls or public recreation areas nearby.  There might even be a few secret estates or wineries with massive properties that you could checkout.  Even better, ask family, friends or even a forum or online community where you might be able to find the most amazing places to enjoy the perfect scenic country picnic.

Fun Ideas: This would totally be up to you and your guests.  Some might enjoy fishing or canoeing if near a pond or lake while others might enjoy, horseback riding, a friendly game of horseshoes or simply relaxing atop a hill with a glass of chardonnay over looking rolling hills and pastures of green grass.

Food ideas:  Whatever you might fancy, your picnic wouldn’t be complete without a few comforts of a real country menu for your picnic.  If you love the outdoors, you might want to build a small fire to BBQ some chicken or to fry freshly caught fish.  A fresh salad with veggies would be a perfect compliment.  How about some fresh arugula with sun-dried tomatoes, onion circles, herbed goat cheese, croutons and some extra virgin olive oil?  If your more into finger foods, try an Italian sub pinwheel with lettuce, garlic mayo, pastrami, smoked ham, pepperoni and thin slices of Monterrey jack cheese.  Now we know a country picnic just isn’t the same without a home baked dessert of some sort.  You can pick up a fresh peach cobbler pie or make up some apple crisp to round out the menu of your awesome country picnic.  Don’t forget a cooler and wine opener if needed.

Playground Park Picnic

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashion playground park picnic.  This is a great picnic that you can have several times throughout the year and one that is super enjoyable for the entire family.  These days everyone is busy and it can seem difficult to find quality time to spend with your family.  A day at a local park is just what you need unwind, relax and enjoy the company of others. If you are on an afternoon beach picnic, a large sun blocking travel umbrella will help block the sun and trade winds if they are present.

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Photo by Mason Dahl on Unsplash

Fun Ideas: Parks are fun all on their own.  Most parks have jogging trails, slides, merry-go-rounds, swings, tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields and more.  Most community parks also have a swimming pool and a lake where you might be able to go fishing.  No matter what park might be at the top of your list, you are guaranteed to have enough activities to keep everyone active and happy.

Food ideas:  I’m not sure about you but when I was younger, an outing to the park was all about the picnic.  After playing all day, it was very easy to get excited about lunch.  Keep things simple so that you don’t have to worry about a huge clean up or long prep times in the kitchen.  Now a days, you can usually find that most parks have outdoor grills you can use so hotdogs, brats and hamburgers are super easy and cook up in less than 20 minutes.  You can also prepare some amazing steak, pepper and mushroom skewers too.  If grilling isn’t an option, you can opt for the infamous PB&J sandwich which goes perfect with a bag of your favorite chips and soda.  Don’t forget to bring some fresh veggies and fruit for everyone.  Carrots, tomatoes, grapes and strawberries are excellent choices.

Delightful Autumn Picnic

Autumn is by far my most favorite season.  The crisp air at night, the leaves turning orange and seemingly falling to the ground non-stop through the day and while it might be summer now, Autumn will be among us sooner than we know it.  Right now presents the perfect time to plan for an unforgettable autumn picnic for families, friends or couples.

Fun Ideas:  In most parts of the world, autumn means that the weather is getting cooler so make sure you wrap up. A light jacket or cozy blanket will probably do the trick as long as you choose a style that suits your needs.  Autumn is all about being outdoors and enjoying the weather so why not try some of these ideas:

1. Bonfires: Bonfires are just fun period.  People can gather around, keep warm, sing songs, tell jokes and just enjoy the company of one another.  Some like to get together for a fun game of soccer or football.

2. Apple picking: Find a local farm where you can go pick apples.  How fun does that sound and of course you get to keep what you pick.  Hello…… delicious apple pie anyone!!

3. Hiking: The autumn is the most perfect time to go hiking.  Head out to your nearest lake or wildlife preserve that has public access and enjoy a 2 hour hike.  Watch leaves fall at your feet and listen to the sounds of nature surround you.  Get a little exercise and enjoy time with friends and loved ones.

4. Visit a pumpkin farm: A pumpkin is always closely associated with fall since that is when they are harvested.  If your luck enough to find a pumpkin farm within an hour from your home.  Guaranteed  you will have a blast.  Some of these pumpkin farms even offer hayrides, food fairs and other activities.

Food ideas:  As with the fun ideas, there are lots of simple recipes that would perfectly compliment a delightful autumn picnic.  If you are having that bonfire, hotdogs and marshmallows are a must as is hot chocolate. Cheese, crackers and a large tin tub full of beer and ice will certainly draw a few smiles from your guests.  If your picnic will last throughout the day, consider a nice hearty chili for your family and guests.  A large crock pot will help keep the food warm throughout the day and into the evening.  For dessert you simply can’t go wrong with homemade pumpkin bread with apple cinnamon butter.  If you are entertaining a lot of guests, add a delicious apple pie.  Don’t forget that antique plates and utensils can add a beautiful sense of nostalgia to your delightful autumn pic.

We hope you really enjoyed our list of ideas for your next picnic.  Picnics are sometimes forgotten about but present an exciting and fun time to spend with family and friends.  Picnics can be taken at anytime throughout the year, even during Winter.  Tell us about your ideas for your next picnic.  We’d love to hear your thoughts or perhaps even your own picnic story.

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