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Should you Hire a Lawyer to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury claim

Should You Hire a Lawyer to Pursue a Personal Injury Claim? Pros, Cons & Key Considerations

Today we want to share the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer to persue a personal injury claim. You slipped on a store’s wet floor and hurt yourself. Or maybe you got into an accident and now your health or general well-being is on the line. What can you do to avoid being charged with costly hospital and treatment bills for something that wasn’t your fault in the first place? 

Accidents do happen, but this doesn’t mean you have to suffer all the consequences. Luckily, the law is on your side, as long as you can prove the accident wasn’t your fault and that you incurred unexpected costs because of it (among others). However, if you’re not familiar with the legal terms and the overall process, you may find the entire ordeal a bit scary and confusing. This is the time to find legal assistance like a Chicago injury lawyer to help you out with the process.

Moreover, each state has its own laws, which further complicates the situation. As a result, many people give up on trying to get what’s rightfully theirs or, if they deal with a corporation, end up settling for a lot less than it should.   

That’s why a reliable personal injury lawyer is the best option in such a situation. Someone who is well-trained in this type of litigation can take the responsibility off your shoulders and will help you understand everything that occurs after a deposition. Still, not everyone is happy to deal with a lawyer (mostly on compensation-related issues), which is why we will go through the pros and cons of such a move. Check this website to know more.

The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Claim

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Let us start by saying there are a lot more pros than cons when it comes to working with an experienced lawyer in this scenario. 

The Pros

Experience in Similar Cases

Most experienced personal injury lawyers have had at least several other similar claims as yours. Moreover, you may even find someone who already dealt with the company you want to sue and can tell you what to expect.


Legal professionals are not only just general practitioners, but will specialize in a certain field. This means that you can find the professional who will have direct understanding about your case and the ramifications it might imply – they’ve been through countless example and real life cases to gain a three-dimensional understanding of these issues. When dealing with a sensitive issue, such as when seeking out a brain injury lawyer after an accident, having that professional on your side is calming.

Help in Building a Solid Claim

If the claim involves insurance, liability, or assets, there will be other parties involved in order to evaluate the damage. A lawyer already has these connections, which saves you time and stress in looking for someone reliable and trustworthy. 

An Objective Point of View

personal injury claim

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As the injured party, you are frustrated and most likely angry at the situation. These emotions don’t mix well with the legal system and there’s a high chance you won’t have the patience and attention to detail to check everything. As a result, you may miss important details that the trained eye of a lawyer won’t. 

Better Settlement

According to a study by the Insurance Research Council, people hire lawyers for personal injury claims to get the highest settlement possible. Moreover, a reliable legal representative increases the chances of winning and they can help recover about 3.5 times more than if the claimant would’ve fought the case alone. 

The Cons

The only way your care could go badly when hiring a lawyer is if you find someone without experience and unsuited for the job. But this is easily spotted during the first meetings. Moreover, it’s highly recommended to check their track record and ask for reviews from former customers (usually easy to find online).

Additionally, a lawyer will take a fee out of the total amount you manage to recover, but this aspect is established at the beginning of the collaboration, and most personal injury lawyers only get paid if the case is successful.  

Key Considerations

At the end of the day, an experienced legal representative can help you focus on recovery and returning to living a balanced life, without the stress of preparing a lawsuit. It may cost a bit extra, but it gives you peace of mind and the confidence that your rights will be respected. 

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