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5 Luxury Watches Every Collector Should Own

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Today we want to share with you 5 luxury watches every collector should own.  Of course there are thousands of watch brands on the market with varying prices, features and styles but there are a few timeless luxury watches that should be in every enthusiasts collection.  Whether you love diving watches, dress watches or your every casual watch, the following Luxury watches stand out among all others.


For those who might not know, the history of Rolex started with its founder Hans Wilsdorf.   Wilsdorf not only wanted to focus on precision and reliability but wanted to create a watch that looked elegant as well.  In 1914, Rolex was awarded a class “A” precision certificate which has since been associated with all Rolex watches.  One of the most popular Rolex watches at the moment is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual a direct descendant of the original Oyster that was made in 1926.  This was also the first waterproof wristwatch in the entire world.  You can find great Rolex Oyster Perpetual deals over at CHRONEXT.


As with most classic luxury watch brands, Omega has a storied background and amazing success stories that have helped fortify the brands distinct reputation.  Founded in Switzerland back in 1848 by Louis Brandt Omega got it’s start by making key-wound pocket.  Let’s take a look at some the company’s historic and most recognized accomplishments.

  • In 1892, they developed the first minute-repeating timepiece.
  • In 1932 Omega earned its title as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in L.A.
  • In 1962, Omega made history by becoming the first Omega watch to enter space.
  • In 1969, the Omega Speedmaster watch landed on the moon worn on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin.
  • During the 90’s the Omega Seamaster became the official watch of James Bond


Breitling is another luxury watch brand that got it’s start back in the 1890’s.  The found, Léon Breitling was a watchmaker who focused on pocket watches, chronographs and stopwatches.   He even created a pulsograph that featured a logarithmic scale for measuring a patient’s pulse rate.  Physicians loved the pulsographs because of their accuracy and durability.  Most people forget that Léon Breitling patented a tachymeter that allowed drivers and police to calculate their speed.  Now I think we can all figure out when the first speeding tickets were issued in Switzerland.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is another Swiss luxury watch founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek.  Their watches are known for their great sophistication and elegance.  Patek Philippe was a smart business man who quickly became a favorite of wealthy international clients because he was able to create bespoke pocket watches.   In 1932 dialmakers Charles and Jean Stern purchased the company.   In 1932, Henry Graves Jr. purchased the most complicated watch ever made by Patek Philippe.  It then sold again in 1999 for whopping $11 million.


International Watch Company or IWC was founded  almost 150 years ago in 1868 by American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones.  In the early 1930’s aviators and sailors alike were looking for writstwatches that had large crowns that could be easily used while wearing large and thick gloves that protected them in extreme weather conditions both in the sea and sky alike.  IWC was paramount in creating a watch for scuba divers in the 60’s.  At this time, divers wanted watches that would withstand the large amount of pressure at depths of 100 meters or more. IWC’created the Aquatimer, which was water resistant to 200 meters.  What made this watch unique is that it had a rotating scale on the dial rather than using the bezel but more importantly the dive time could not be accidentally altered under water.

We hope you like our article on 5 luxury watches every collector should own.  We recognize that there are hundreds of luxury watch brands out there but these should definitely be on your radar if you have yet to own one.

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