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From Ghost Whisper to Last Man Standing, with a love of engineering and the ability to make people laugh, it is no wonder why Christoph Sanders finds a way to climb into the hearts of others. He is truly a man that Mike Baxter would be proud to have around. When we sat down with Sanders to chat a little about his thoughts on his character, this North Carolina local proved to be the best of Kyle, and more. He sat down with Cliche to talk on being Kyle and how he found his home in acting.

Cliché: How did you get into acting?

Christoph Sanders: I was nine and a half and I started doing theater back in North Carolina. They have a state theater there. It was great. It was something my parents signed me up for because I was pretty energetic. I was involved with a lot of other extra curriculars, but theater has kind of the one thing that drew my attention more than anything else and made me happy.

How do your friends and family react to seeing you as Kyle on Last Man Standing? Is there any kind of playful teasing between brothers?

At first, everyone was really excited about it. It was the first time in a year since I had a job.  Now, it’s kind of like I’ll remind them and they are like, “Oh, hey, we’ll try to watch.” It’s funny because it’s like it’s become a part of their lives just like it’s kind of just part of my life now.

How alike are you and Kyle? Is he a lot like you or very different?

There’s a lot of similarities. I feel like there’s 90% of traits that Kyle has that I hope to have: the good parts (like kindness), the hope, the generosity, looking out for others, and stuff like that. I like to hope that I have some of those traits. So, you could say that there is about half of me there and vise versa.

How did you feel when you first worked with Tim Allen?

Every excited. I mean, I grew up watching ABC and Home Improvement. Not only that, but he has a great film career, so I was excited to work with him not only because of the show, but because of the ability to learn from him. There’s a lot of opportunity to learn from someone that has been doing something well you love for as long as he has been doing it.

What has been one of your favorite scenes to film?

I always enjoy when I get to do different stunts. It kind of switches up the daily routine of the show. Every now and then, they will let me fall off of something really tall. There was one episode where I got to spend the first part of the scene on this really high ladder vacuuming this taxidermy, cleaning it out, and I end up falling off this ladder. I think it’s fun to be in the background and having your own scene going on. I don’t know if I could just pick one. It’s just whenever they let me do my own stunts,

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Photographed by Anastasia Stanecki

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