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It’s You, Not Me Episode 2

If you ever wondered what never to say on the first date, this is the episode to learn it from. In the second episode of It’s You, Not Me, Karen proves to have some ill luck in the dating world when she hopefully goes out to meet Mr. Right and ends up with the weirdo next door. You’ll laugh so much as Bob, the horror of the male species, tries to win over our heroine.

Check out behind the scenes info from cast members, Peter Pasco and Kristin Korsnes, as they tell us a little more about their characters and give us the dish on what it’s like on site. Is Bob really as crazy as he seems? Probably. It’s You, Not Me Episode 2 will air on April 4th.

Episode 2 of It’s You, Not Me was directed and produced by Lauren Patrice Nadler and the Cinematographer & Editor was Abe Portillo.

Read on for key character profiles!

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