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Is Slab Jacking a Permanent Solution?

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Is slab jacking a permanent solution? Slab jacking is a process used to lift up the concrete that has been displaced from its original position. Slab jacking is a permanent and effective solution.


First of all, you need to locate the concrete sinking. After that, the holes are drilled into the concrete. You should call professional contractors for this issue; otherwise, you will drill the holes poorly, and your concrete will further sink. 

Holes are drilled with the specialized tools, and then tubes are inserted. After that, thick and grout-like material is pushed into the holes. It expands and lifts the concrete to its original position. A lot of factors are considered before lifting up the concrete. Some of them include understanding the original position of the concrete, the material used in concrete, and the temperature conditions of the area.

Is It a  Permanent Solution?

If the slab jacking is done correctly, then it is a permanent solution for concrete sinking. The process provides a foundation to the concrete. During earthquakes or expansion of soil, the concrete may change its original position. The complex slurry used in the slab jacking is a permanent solution. The average life for the repair is 8-10 years.


It is not an expensive solution. The reason is that it has been used for many years. Almost every contractor has specialized tools and required skill force for this solution. The average cost for slab jacking is $500-$1200. Mud jacking is less expensive as compared to slab jacking. It usually costs 40-50% less than slab jacking.

Disadvantages and limitations:

Slab jacking is not an environmentally friendly procedure. It produces a lot of dust. The slurry used in the process makes the lifted concrete look different from the other part. It can’t be done if the ground is frozen.

Concrete Replacement vs. Slab jacking:

The concrete replacement is a more reliable solution as compared to the slab jacking. The concrete replacement is more permanent than slab jacking. The issue with concrete lifting is that it is costly as compared to slab jacking.

Moreover, it takes weeks to replace the concrete. While if you do slab jacking, it can be done within hours.

However, there are some scenarios where we have to replace the concrete instead of slab jacking. The contractors must evaluate the conditions before making any decision. If you replace the concrete but do not address the original cause, all of the exercise replacing the concrete will be futile.


The bottom line is that slab jacking is a cost-effective, fast, and permanent solution for the concrete sink. It is a classical method to lift any concrete. It is used all over the world by structural engineers. 

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