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4 Secrets To Maintaining A Beautiful Lawn

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Today we want to share 4 secrets to maintaining a beautiful lawn. Whether you own a lawn or are in the lawn care business, you can probably agree that there is nothing more relaxing than looking at that perfectly maintained grass. And – while it might seem like the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, this no longer has to be the case. The secrets to a lush and well-maintained lawn are available to anyone who wants to perfect their backyard work.

Contrary to popular belief, the path to a perfect lawn doesn’t include a massive application of fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Rather, it consists of techniques that you can easily incorporate into your routine. For professionals and homeowners alike, good lawn work requires knowledge of what to use, when to use it, and how.

While most lawn professionals will not share their secrets with you, we are happy to do just that. Read on to learn the 4 things you can start doing tomorrow that will help you maintain a beautiful lawn that will quickly become the envy of the neighborhood.

Secrets To Maintaining A Beautiful Lawn

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Protect Yourself From Damages

Even if you put in a lot of quality or time-consuming work, you can always be sidetracked by accidents that are out of your control. However, even if you cannot anticipate such damages, you can find ways to deal with them.

If you own a lawn care business, then you are already exposed to many risks that can harm your pocket and your work. You can protect yourself by getting lawn care insurance that can cover damages to your tools, equipment, truck, or potential ramifications from on-site accidents. 

At the same time, you should be on the lookout for any practices or external influences that can potentially damage the lawn. Both lawn owners and professionals know that lawns are sensitive to external interference, so they require a careful selection of methods that either don’t harm or repair the grass.

Treat Yellow Spots Properly

While you might be reaching for pest or fungus treatments to treat every yellow or dead spot in the lawn, the sinister invaders that can be eliminated with the prolonged use of these substances are not always the cause. Some yellow spots are simply the product of low spots in the lawn, especially if they develop after heavy rain.

If you find this to be the case, you can simply spread a layer of compost over the yellow spots to raise them up to the level of the surrounding ground. After a week or two, you will notice new grass sprouting to fill the patch.

Mow At The Right Time And Height

Secrets To Maintaining A Beautiful Lawn

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

When and how you mow the lawn can hugely impact its look. First of all, you should set the mower to the highest setting for the grass you’re growing. This will differ for cool and warm-season grasses. By allowing the grass to grow to its optimum height, you will help it establish a deeper root system and shed the soil to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.

You should also make sure to mow frequently enough so that you never have to remove more than ⅓ of the grass blade height at a time. Remember to wait until the grass is dry so you don’t have wet grass clumps all over the lawn.

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Know Your Aeration Needs

Aeration can significantly improve the drainage and breathability of soil, so it’s important to do it at the right time – and in the right amounts – for your area and grass type

While there are constant reminders that you need aerating, if you don’t keep track you might end up doing it three to four times a year. In reality, most lawns only need it once a year – reducing it to this amount can save you a lot of money and time in the long run. It’s also important to do it at the right time for your grass. While some grasses respond better to aeration at the beginning of the growing season, for some it’s better to do it at the end.

Final Words

Whether you are looking to take care of your own lawn or improve your lawn care business, there are a few secret tips to maintaining a great-looking lawn.

First of all, you should protect yourself from damages – both to your lawn and your business. Keep an eye for any damaged areas in your lawn, and what might have caused them, and if you are a lawn professional, protect yourself from damages on the job with lawn care insurance.

Be sure to treat yellow spots properly, mow at the right time and height, and know your aeration needs so you can choose the right time and amount for your grass.

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