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Last-Minute Valentines Gifts

Last-Minute Valentines Gifts

It’s a week before Valentine’s Day. You’re stressed, fifty tabs open all of the different shops and each cart has a miscellaneous of items that you probably won’t buy. 

Take a deep breath. It’s not too late to get that special someone something so close all those windows and follow this last-minute Valentines gifts guide.  

For the Cozy:

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For those who love staying comfortable, a hoodie is a perfect gift for both partners. Personalize the hoodie by embroidering your initials on the sleeve so that they think of you with each wear.  

Price: Amazon $15,  Nike $50,


For the Fashionable:

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Matching jewelry has recently been the trend for couples, physically memorializing the consolidation of two people in a relationship. There’s no better reason to support online local businesses through platforms like Etsy to get personal with your choice of decor. 

Price: ranges


For the Musical:

It’s never bad to go old school. Create a Spotify playlist of songs that remind play a significance or remind you of your relationships and burn it on a CD. Decorate it with your personal touch to add personality and meaning. If time provides, go the extra mile and decorate flashcards for each song explaining their significance. 

Price: able-to-be-found-around-the-house


For the Floral:


Flowers might seem like the cliché choice but there’s good reason. For those not quite fond of the materialistic nature of holidays, floral arrangements can act as a prolonging alternative. Visit a local florist to personalize your selection and take great care in what flowers to pick her using flower almanacs.

Price: varies


For the Sweet

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Channel your creativity in designing a more homemade gift. Purchase some of their favorite candies and assemble them in a craft box to make a sweet present for someone who is too. 

Price: dollar store


For the Friends:

Friends are equally deserving of Valentine’s presents as a partner is, perhaps even more so. Treat your friends to a day together, full of laughs, loves, and sweets! Celebrate by baking a cake and enjoying it on a social distanced picnic amongst other snacks and delectables. A day to yourselves to replace that of an unnecessary beau. 


Gifts, of course, are not the end all be all in enjoying a nice day with friends or family. Even if you can’t find your hands on one of these gifts, make the day special with your simple being because that’s far more than enough. 


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