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Food Connoisseur Natalie Taste Talks “Your Inner Fat Girl”

Food connoisseur Natalie Taste talks “Your Inner Fat Girl“. Her rising business provides dining recommendations in New Orleans to promote local eateries to all foodies. After experience working in a 5-star restaurant, she documented her love of cuisine on her Instagram before starting YIFG. She embraces the “Fat Girl” persona of loving the art of cuisine, and encourages her followers to accept their appetites for delicious foods as well. Her charge for the unapologetic direction in life goes beyond food as she tells all young women to have no regrets. Get to know Natalie and her journey toward building a more accepting food culture, and overall society for women. 

Cliche Mag: What was your inspiration for “Your Inner Fat Girl”?

Natalie Taste: My inspiration for YIFG is myself; from the colors, interests, mood and attitude of the brand is my personality. I’m a “twenty something girl,” who loves to dine out, get cute for brunch and hang out with her girlfriends with no regrets! What young lady can’t relate to that? When my audience sees YIFG, they see themselves, their best friend. That’s why it works! 

What does your slogan, “Fat Girls Taste Better”, mean to you?

Fat Girls Taste Better to me means; “the young women who are unapologetic about their actions reign higher.” The slogan is often pinned to food, but I see it in many aspects of life.

How has your experience in New Orleans changed as you’ve explored its culinary world?  

My respect for the head chefs has grown significantly! After college, I worked in a 5-star  restaurant for a couple months where I was able to witness an interesting dynamic. I’m thankful for the experience because it was a take on the chefs, I never grasped being on the other side of the table. The head chefs are like the star of the show.

Where should the first meal be had on a trip to New Orleans?

Neyows Creole Cuisine where you must order chargrilled oysters as your starter, a fried seafood platter as the entree, and the restaurant’s signature “BOW WOW” cocktail. You’ll have no regrets!

What obstacles have you faced as a rising business woman in the industry? 

As a rising business woman, I struggle with balancing YIFG, my career goals, and personal life.  At times they overlap, which I once found beneficial. Now it seems like when I’m excelling in one or two fields, I’m neglecting the other. It’s an obstacle I’m still learning how to juggle.  

What do you hope to give back to your community through YIFG?

An opportunity for local up and coming chefs, restaurateurs, and recipe makers to showcase his or her take on what makes New Orleans food culture special outside of what the tourists witness. 

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in today’s world?

I’m a strong believer of the saying, “slow and steady wins the race”. Take your time! My advice is to plan, organize & execute all projects no matter the size of the outcome. I also encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to alter their perspective when thinking about their competition. Instead of being discouraged by someone “doing the same thing” as you, network with them & use them as a source. 

What new directions are you, or hope to be, taking YIFG?

I want to develop into apparel design collaborations. I think my brand is funky and bold enough for a designer to have fun with. If YIFG merch could stand as its own entity, I would feel accomplished. 

What are you excited for with YIFG in the coming years?

I’m excited for the YIFG to scale up. There’s much opportunity in the world leaving options endless. I’m ready for wherever YIFG takes me. 

Follow Natalie on IG: @yourinnerfatgirl

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