Ed Letter: Aug/Sept 2013

Ed Letter
We first started talking about rebranding our company back in April. Cliché’s managing partner (Wilson Greene) and proprietor (Rick Corbett) called me up one day with a string of ideas so long and elaborate, I couldn’t tell where one sentence ended and another one began. We are very creative here at Cliché and we think up new projects and ideas almost every week, so excitement is quite a reoccurring emotion. I listened to the both of them as they took turns explaining their plans like the genuine tag team they are, and I smiled all the way through it.
“Well?” they said at last, almost out of breath. “What do you think?”
The answer—which, at the time, was also stemmed from a great deal of excitement—was obvious. “Let’s do it!” I said. Commence cheering.
And so, here we are—several months later, with not just a new logo (which, by the way, was conceptualized and brought to life by our Creative Director), a new look, a new website (check it out!), and double the staff, but with a whole new perspective, new ideas, and new goals: to be more than just a fashion magazine with pretty pictures and celebrity interviews, but a lifestyle hotspot that our readers can rely on for all their interests and needs. Even our new tagline “Amazingly Different” is meant to express our style and perspective—and bonus points for playing off our name Cliché (which, if you haven’t figured out by now, is one very clever pun).
With that said, it is obvious that Cliché has come a long way since I joined the staff as a writer back in 2009, and even since I became the new editor-in-chief in May 2012. For our new rebranding issue, we’ve welcomed on board a new Creative Director (and talented photographer), Quavondo; a handful of professionals and columnists (from a professional baker all the way to a skincare expert) to share with us their expertise; and four department directors who help gather the best stories, clothes, music, and products for your enjoyment. And although our entire staff is spread out all across the States, all in different time zones—cue random excited phone calls at 3 a.m. when I’m trying to sleep (not mentioning any names)—we still manage, somehow, to meet every deadline and put this glossy, inspiring collection of news and stories together for you every other month.
I’m sure I can speak for every single one of our 50+ team members and contributors when I say: we hope you enjoy the new Cliché.
Megan Portorreal
Editor in Chief
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