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According to Filip Tysander, the man who inspired his Daniel Wellington watch collection was one very stylish muse. The DW director and owner was intrigued by his friend Daniel’s “gentlemanly but still relaxed and unpretentious” fashion sense and wanted to create a line of watches to encompass that aura.  From elegant selections of leather-banded and Nato-strapped watches in both men’s and women’s models, Tysander proves that his watches can add a bit of sophistication and flare to every outfit and every occasion. Here, Tysander chats with Cliché about the watch market, his mission, and his favorite designs from the collection.

Cliché: What made you want to design watches?
Filip Tysander: I saw a gap in the market for a watch that was more preppy, especially since preppy fashion is so big when it comes to fashion.
What kind of customer/client did you have in mind when designing these watches?
People that appreciate the preppy lifestyle, to customers that appreciate every little detail, and to customers who like to dress nicely even in the daily context.
Which watch from the ladies’ collection is your favorite? The men’s?
I appreciate the simplicity in the St Andrews design, and when it comes to the Nato straps, my favorite is Canterbury.
Do you plan on branching out and designing other types of accessories or fashion pieces?
At the moment we will focus on the watch sector and develop new watch designs in the preppy niche.

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Wellington

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