Try These Pieces to Have a Rockstar Wardrobe

Try These Pieces to Have a Rockstar Wardrobe

Last season, we noticed many retro styles, distinct patterns, abstract designs, and bright colors that made us feel like we were a character in a 60s movie. Since Spring is just around the corner, fashion takes a new step into the season with fresh styles like pastels, tulle, crochet, and mini dresses. I cannot help to notice that the catwalk took a turn to the dark side. Many designers incorporated mesh, leather, draping silhouettes, and loose-fitting clothing that reminded me of the rock and roll era in the 70s. We have seen many vintage pieces become a staple in our closets throughout this year, such as the fur-lined coat, old band tees, bell-bottoms, cowboy boots, and other essentials that you could find in your grandma’s closet. It was only a matter of time before we saw that “carefree rockstar look” take over our social media.

Additionally, this trend does revert to the vintage style that arose in popularity last year. Thrifting, shopping second hand, and being eco-conscious in fashion have become vital factors in many’s wardrobes. Rock n’ roll fashion will never go out of style; it is a very minimalistic approach to fashion. However, keeping up with trends and buying the latest styles can be exhausting and costly. So, ripped jeans, a battered tee, and a thrift leather jacket will be just fine. As the rock n roll reboot is very much in effect, I ask myself, how can we incorporate these pieces into our wardrobes without fully transitioning ourselves into Mick Jagger? 


Leather has been a staple piece that has never gone out of trend. The fabric has been reinvented and renewed into so much more than just a jacket. Spice up your outfit with a leather accessory; for instance, a leather harness or corset could take your outfit from boring to bold in a second. Vegan leather can also make the same declaration; it is eco-friendly and easy on the wallet; what much more can you ask for?


With flappers starting the fringe trend in the 1920s, the playful style has changed over time to what we like to relate Western-inspired clothing.  Additionally, the 70s hippy era embodies the carefree look. Whether it is a fringe suede vest or fringe boots, the swinging fabric portrays an essence of whimsical and frivolous. 


I want to start by saying that twill fabric can portray many different fashion senses, but the type of silhouette says everything you need to know about that particular era. To exemplify, bell-bottom denim jeans represents the 70s, and high-waisted acid-washed jeans take us back to the 80s, but for the 90s, it is your pair of beaten up, ten years old, ripped, and faded pair of Levis that give the rock and roll persona. I tend to find my favorites at any thrift store or my dad’s closet full of memorabilia. 


David Bowie made a lasting impression on society, and they have seemed to stick around decades later. Today, it is more about accents and refinements of sequins. But hey, if you want to rock an all sequin sparkle bodysuit, then so be it! 



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