The Future of Fashion Metaverse and NFTS

The Future of Fashion Metaverse and NFTS

In a world where we thought we could not get more digitalized, fashion metaverse came into play. Technology has now introduced the term digital fashion, which is taking over the world. Fashion metaverse is an augmented reality that creates pieces with pixels instead of thread and needle.

What is Metaverse Fashion?

Imagine you are playing a video game. You have reached the part where you have to choose your character’s outfit; you select the attire, and you are ready to play, except it is the virtual version of you, and you pay for the outfit with actual money. That is Metaverse fashion. A virtual reality that you can customize just to your liking. Metaverse is essentially you, but in virtual form, you go through everyday life and perform daily tasks, except you are looking through a screen. Metaverse has become a vast industry and is taking over. 


 On March 24th, the first-ever Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) will take place on a digital platform called Decentraland. This augmented reality is the future of fashion. Furthermore, luxury brands such as Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Imitation of Christ, and Etro will all feature their digitalized fashion pieces. Metaverse has become an enormous industry that has been taken over by significant companies that partake in the augmented world. To exemplify, stores such as H&M and Forever 21 have storefronts from which you can purchase virtual clothes. According to the Decentraland website, David Cash, guest panel curator, states more about MVFW. “We’ve sought to present fashion in every possible form. From runway shows to retail experiences, fashion presented as art, film, photography, and even fashion presented in ways beyond the confines of reality. As in metaverse, anything is possible.”

Digital fashion at NYFW

Digital fashion has been a rising industry in virtual reality and the real world. This past New York Fashion Week, designer Maisie Wilen incorporated virtual reality strictly containing fashion pieces made from pixels and programs. The designer used the cartoon show Monster high as her inspiration. Furthermore, this year’s runway trends were playful, futuristic, and y2k inspired. Digital fashion brings nostalgia to people, reminding them of cartoon characters. Today, many designers refer back to cartoons such as Barbie or Bratz. 

Metaverse Fashion on Instagram

Metaverse fashion does not have to be through Decentraland strictly; every day, users can purchase a digital dress and showcase their new piece on Instagram. Such as the digital wardrobe fashion brand DressX, whose goal is to create sustainable and inclusive works (for it all being digital, I think they’re doing a good job). When choosing an item, the best way to see how the piece will look on you is by uploading a complete body picture of yourself; after, you can check out as you normally would for any online transaction. These pieces have caught the eyes of many as we see these pixelated pieces on Instagram worn by influencers and casual users. 

NFT in Fashion

Non-fungible tokens (NFT), and fashion is changing the Metaverse industry as they are pieces of art that contain much value. NFT allows creators to take style to the next level. For instance, Gucci set a record for most expensive NFT in fashion with their short film produced by Floria Sigismondi, a filmmaker naming the film Aria. The luxury brand also launched virtual sneakers to users on Roblox that can customize a pair of Gucci sneakers for $12. NFT fashion is the gateway from reality to virtual. Now, even your video game characters can be dripping in the designer. 

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